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Letters: Ever-growing stack of lies about Trump – Chico Enterprise-Record

If an anti-Trumper writes a letter to the editor, you can be assured that virtually every detail will be wrong, inaccurate, absurd, or a lie. They repeat the same narrative as if given direction by the clones at CNN, Hollywood, or the opinionated major media.

For example, ask yourself what is the biggest lie of the Trump presidency. Oh, so many, you’ve been told. Nope. Only one counts as bigger than the rest. And it’s obvious:

Democrats lectured us for years that Donald conspired with the Russians to steal the election, and that the Mueller investigation would prove it. Only problem is that was a gigantic, fat lie. Who proved it was a lie? Mueller. Not a single American conspired with Russia to boost Trump. None.

So Democrats send up a parody of a Congressman to read a fake transcript of a phone call between the Ukraine/USA Presidents — because the original transcript was so innocent he couldn’t actually read anything damaging to the president. Now the Democrats — without a vote — have initiated a Stalinist impeachment inquisition.

The Everything’s-a-Crisis party has exhausted the electorate with its fake news, fake claims, and now fake impeachment over a fake crisis. It’s no wonder that Nancy Pelosi’s approval numbers are lower than Donald’s.

The problem with the Democrat clown car contenders is obvious hypocrisy. Did Bernie Sanders go to his model Socialist health care system of Cuba for his heart procedure? No. Even he doesn’t believe what he wants you to believe.

— Barry Johnson, Chico


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