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Diocese, Ellis must support pensioners

Thank you, Bernard Burns, for your April 14 letter, placing the St. Clare’s pension issues where the burden lies, with Ellis Hospital and the Albany Catholic Diocese. 

If The Gazette wants its readers to have compassion, please provide some figures as to what these pensioners receive as for their total retirement package, when they retired.

What percent was earned per year, how many years did it take to become vested, was healthcare coverage provided, does the pension include survivor benefits for spouses or dependent children, were employees allowed to retire early due to the consolidation? 

More specifics would be nice to know for the readers of your paper, since this issue has been rightfully taking up space in your newspaper.

Since St. Clare’s was basically forced out of business by “competing” hospitals, there should have been forethought that the remaining hospitals pick up the pension fund and administer the program for those displaced by the closing.

Going forward, the remaining hospitals, in particular Ellis, should pick up responsibility to continue to administer and fund the program, as was promised to the St. Clare’s retirees.

Those in the Schenectady area healthcare industry should have a moral obligation to keep St. Clare’s pensioners whole and secure. 
Lou deAraujo
Fort Plain


Faith is in God, not the Catholic church

I grew up in a strict Roman Catholic home and attended St. Stanislaus School in Amsterdam.

In that time frame, I was a faithful altar server from grades 3 through 8. I served so many Masses that even today, the Lord’s Prayer and the proper responsorial phrases are ingrained in my mind.

As a teen, I jested with my parents why we went to Mass on Sunday. The response was immediate and non-negotiable. When I married, the same Catholic tenets of the church were instilled in our six children, who have since moved on. I find myself as a Roman Catholic, but not in the same way I was raised.

I’m more than offended by the liberal church and the number of priests who have preyed upon the vulnerable youths. How sick. How could God allow such an abuse to happen?

Luckily for me, as an altar server, I wasn’t confronted.

What bothers me is Pope John Paul II knew about the abuse and did nothing. What did the church do? They made him a saint. What hypocrisy. It’s still with us today with Pope Francis. Talk about mortal sin and the grave effects of it. How can they be the moral leaders of our faith?

In my Catholic faith, I have a vertical relationship with God.

The hierarchy of the church is corrupt all the way to the pope, but I still will be a believer in God and maintain my faith.

Dominus vobiscum.
Jerry Bubniak


Kudos for outreach by Schenectady PD

The Schenectady Police Department deserves kudos.

On April 17, I arrived at Howe Elementary School and was greeted by an orderly group of excited children, led by teachers and police, to a squad car.

I soon learned that this event had been coordinated with the school and the police department as a way to introduce the children to the responsibilities the police have in protecting and serving its citizens.

Doors were opened on the police vehicles for the children to see and feel the interior. Some of the children held back initially, but were soon lost in the enthusiasm of their classmates.

The officers visited the classrooms and answered the myriad questions the children had for them. The role of the police dog was talked about and there were even some police dogs on hand for the children to see. High praise for the police department and its officers for developing a positive relationship with the children of Schenectady.
Constance Clarke


Green energy will be helpful to economy 

In Robert Dufresne’s April 16 letter, he claims that The “Green New Deal” to replace fossil fuels and nuclear power with “green energy” is irrational and impossible. He also says “Going green” only works if your “bright idea” is to destroy our economy and capitalism.

In my opinion, this idea that “going green” will ruin the economy and capitalism doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

First off, the price for renewable energy such as wind and solar is now cheaper than coal for the first time ever. Individuals, businesses and governments are choosing to “go green,” whether it’s for environmental reasons or to save money. A question I have is how can a growing industry which is surpassing the fossil fuel industry in terms of job growth destroy our economy?

Simple answer: It can’t. 

The evidence is in West Virginia, where the state and federal government are trying to bring coal jobs back, but the only thing that it is doing is giving hope to coal miners when the industry is dying. Are those promises just for votes? 

Coal miners are hardworking people that deserve better. So why can’t we provide renewable energy training where there are more opportunities? The United States was a country of many firsts, a country of leadership in innovation and technology. But are we still that way?

The “bright idea” to keep using old ideas of creating energy, not repairing a crumbling infrastructure, or ignoring the need to modernize an outdated grid will be the one to destroy our economy and capitalism. 
Jacob Reed


Sanders should now celebrate capitalism

Bernie Sanders has the gall to complain about the top 1 percent of wage earners. Yet Bernie, due to the release of his tax returns, has revealed that he is part of the 1 percent.

Should Bernie now be considered a greedy capitalist that has preyed on the American people? Of course not.

Thankfully in America, Bernie Sanders has had the opportunity to write books and allow citizens of this country to obtain the wherewithal to buy his books from which Sanders derived much of his income.

Although Sanders released his tax returns and President Trump has not, I’m comfortable with supporting President Trump because if Trump does release his tax returns, it would be inevitable that the Democrats would launch a needless investigation into Trump’s finances that would bog down our government like they did with attempting to tie Trump’s election victory to Russian collusion.

By earning over a half a million dollars last year, Bernie Sanders should refrain from calling the kettle black and perhaps embrace the great capitalistic nature of our society, which promotes ingenuity and affords people the most effective way out of poverty. 
Mark Brockbank


Trump stands up for American people

I’d like to let all you Democrats know Donald Trump won the election fair and square. Mrs. Clinton cost herself the presidency because she was so corrupt and greedy. After two-plus years of a fake orchestrated investigation, even a stacked posse could not pin anything on Trump.

Since Trump won the election, a great percentage of the stories written about him have been negative. Obama enjoyed a fawning press that did nothing but support him. Trump calls out a corrupt press for lying about him. I would too.

Under Trump, jobs that Obama said were never coming back are coming back. The GDP has averaged double what Obama gave us, after telling us that 1.5 percent growth is the new normal. You liberals always criticize Trump for going after our allies. There are 29 members in NATO. The US pays 22 percent.

Even you publicly educated Democrats can see that is wrong. Trump is pushing them to pay more. He’s thinking of the taxpayers over our allies. Good.

I don’t like some of the language our president uses, but he’s looking out for us first. He hasn’t divided us by race, age or sexual orientation. He has tried to raise everyone’s position.

One more thing, for Mr. Nevin in his March 27 letter: He mentions Trump’s comment about having the support of the military, et al. Don’t forget that the failure Obama said if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.

Give up. He’s going to be president for six more years.
Dave Edwards


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