Leverage Shares lists 42 ETPs in one day

As a result of the listings, Leverage Shares’ ETPs now comprise 10% of all ETPs listed on the LSE.

The 42 ETPs, the most listed in a single day in the LSE’s history, include commodity-based ETPs in gold, silver and oil, the first such ETPs for Leverage Shares.

They also comprise 12 regional ETPs, including South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan and US Tech 100, among others.

Additionally, there are also single stock ETPs in car manufacturers Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen, and in tech giants such as Apple, Alphabet and Facebook.

Leverage Shares is also offering a single stock ETP in Coupang, South Korea’s largest e-commerce company.

Many of the ETPs are available on a short and long basis and they mimic the daily return of an underlying stock multiplied by leverage factors; +5x, +3x, +2x, -1x, -2x and -3x.

Raj Sheth, commercial director at Leverage Shares, commented: “As well as increasing the single-stock offer to even more countries, we have extended our suite to offer regional indices as the world has become more macro and volatile. With commodities, especially the oil price, increasingly affecting sentiment, inflation and hence asset prices we are pleased to offer access to them this time.”

Leverage Shares’ listings come just a week after the company listed 41 ETPs on Xetra, a trading technology platform operated by the Deutsche Börse Group.

Those ETPs included commodity-based ETPs such as gold and oil similar to those listed on the LSE, but also others targeting clean energy, biotechnology and financials.


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