Watch lightning bolt shatter entire tree in seconds

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This is the moment a direct lightning strike reduced a pine tree to smouldering ashes in a matter of seconds.

The dramatic footage was shared on Facebook by the US National Weather Service (NWS) last week.

The strike occurred outside Wautoma High School in Wisconsin on April 8 and reveals the destructive power of lightning in stark detail.

After the tree is engulfed in flames, it burns down to a small pile of ash in seconds.

‘You just never know when lightning will strike,’ The NWS wrote on Facebook.

The moment a pine tree erupts in flames after being struck by lightning (Facebook/US NWS)

‘So the NWS slogan “When Thunder Roars Go Indoors” please heed that advice next time you hear thunder.

The video has received over 11,000 shares since being posted.

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