Liverpool FC Face Legal Battle with BetVictor

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Liverpool FC Face Legal Battle with BetVictor

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The Legal Battle with Liverpool

There is a legal battle that is going around that touches Liverpool FC and BetVictor casino. Apparently, it is said that Liverpool FC was sued by Winlink, a Sports sponsorship agency over a £15 million sponsorship of their training kit, a deal they entered with BetVictor. Winlink demands a total of £1.125 million (US$1.424 million) from Liverpool FC, a Merseyside-based football Premier League club. Liverpool FC is currently the leading club on the Premier League table. Winlink claims that its executives introduced Liverpool’s club officials to the sportsbook which is based in Gibraltar in 2013.

According to the agency, it took the executives of Winlink several years before a successful introduction was reached. Liverpool unveiled BetVictor as the legal sponsor of the club’s training kit in July 2016.

Liverpool on the hand claims that the three season deal with BetVictor casino was reached at through a friend of the sportsbook CEO Andreas Meinrad. Winlink claims that it was heavily engaged in the deal for the specified number of years before the sponsorship deal was agreed. The agreement of the deal was £5 million every year for a period of three consecutive seasons that ran between 2016/17 up to 2018/19.

Winlink’s Argument

According to Andrew Sutcliffe QC, Winlink representative, Liverpool did not keep their bargain of the deal. Andrew further told the High Court that during the years, the agency has had a relationship with Liverpool football club. He also ascertained that Winlink was only required to meet two conditions which were similar making introduction of the executives to the betting casino and then eventually agreeing on the sponsorship deal between the factions.

In his argument, Andrew Sutcliffe reiterated that Winlink has been in several agreements and has successfully introduced other club executives with business partners elsewhere. He listed big clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal Inter Milan and Juventus. The representative claimed that Winlink is a specialist agency that identifies and introduces betting operators to sports rights holders.

Mr. Sutcliffe in defense of the sentiments raised by Winlink agency, it met the two conditions required for the commission to be provided. That the agency introduced the premier League club to the executives of BetVictor and that the bookmaker eventually sponsored the club’s training kit. Sutcliffe therefore concluded that the club did not keep the bargain side of the deal. The claim that was reputed by Robert Anderson QC with the agency not having qualifications for the commission.

Liverpool’s Take

Liverpool has a different take about the whole issue by releasing a statement that claimed that the deal was spearheaded by Rafaella Valentino. Rafaella Valentino appears to be Liverpool’s global partnership sales. Liverpool claims that Valentino is BetVictor’s CEO friend and the negotiations were amicably conducted between them. Rafaella Valentino happens to have joined Liverpool club towards the end of 2015 and that the negotiations began shortly after.

Liverpool has therefore rubbished the claims of Winlink’s introduction to be out of context. Robert Anderson QC said that the Winlink’s introduction to the sportsbook had no influence in completing the sponsorship deal. Sutcliffe accepted before the court that Winlink had no role through the 2016 negotiation and the agreement that followed. Winlink accepted before the court that it provided an introduction service alone.

As it goes, Winlink introduced the executives of the club to the casino operator two and a half years earlier before there were negotiations of the sponsorship deal. The club therefore stands grounds that in regard to the earlier negotiations, Winlink doesn’t hold rights to claim compensation of the sponsorship deal. Before 1XBET took over the sponsorship, BetVictor had sponsored the club from 2016 to 2019. The trial will be heard by Judge Mark Pelling QC which might take a total of five days with a final judgement of the trial reserved for a future date.

Betting Sponsorships

Sports betting companies that offer sponsorship to soccer teams have in recent years entered in a contentious subject. As a result, we have seen Italy as a country ban such types of gambling sponsorship on teams as well as the leagues.

The same thing is finding its way in the UK with campaigners pushing for it. At the beginning of the season, half of the English Premier League had jersey sponsorship from gambling casino companies.

Liverpool has had another High Court battle with New Balance, Kit supplier since 2015. This was after the US based company showed interest in taking over sponsorship from the 2020/21 season. The battle has been going on since the beginning of the year with New Balance claiming that there is a clause in the deal that gave it a boost of matching the terms of Nike. However, Liverpool won the legal battle over new balance kit deal.

Liverpool had a different opinion against New Balance’s claims and that Nike’s deal was better. According to Liverpool on the matter, Nike had agreed to deliver a greater total revenue compared to New Balance. Liverpool’s argument has since then been successful in the High Court battle with New Balance. This means that Nike will take over from New Balance as from 2020/21 season.

What then for Winlink?

Both parties have raised their concerns regarding the sponsorship deal and there hasn’t been an agreement reached. The matter now is in the hands of the High Court judge with judgement expected for a later date. Liverpool football club has been in a previous court battle and won and this being the second battle, much is expected from the verdict. Will Winlink win the battle and be compensated with the commission it claims it rightly belongs to them or will Liverpool carry the day?

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