London Sash Window Restoration

London Sash Window Restoration

Sash windows are an architectural feature of many old and period buildings. Not only do they look beautiful, but they add character to the property that many new alternatives struggle to match.

A common problem facing property owners in the UK is whether or not to repair or replace sash windows. In this article, we go into more detail about the benefits of both options and the potential costs involved. 

Should I repair or buy new sash windows?

Replacing your sash windows should always be your last option. A reliable and professional sash window repair company will always try to use the existing materials as there are usually a number of ways to resolve the issue without the expense of installing new windows.

In the long term, installing new sash windows may offer more benefits but other alternatives should always be investigated first. In many cases, replacing your existing sash windows will not be worth the money, because having them repaired, refurbished or restored can often bring them back to life.

Some of the more common issues that sash windows experience include:

  • Timber rot and decay
  • Windows that no longer open or close correctly
  • Broken glass panes
  • Flaky paintwork and signs of damp
  • Missing or broken sash cords
  • Rattling or draughty window frames

According to Historic England – a public body that helps protect England’s historic buildings – as much as three-quarters of the original box sash windows installed in the UK have now been replaced and lost forever. 

Many of the above issues can be resolved without having to install brand new sash windows. And by applying the right skills and expertise they can also be draught proofed and double glazed to improve energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of new sash windows?

While it is better to apply repairs wherever possible, if you need to upgrade there are a wide range of benefits new sash windows can add to your property:

  • Energy efficiency

When installed using double, or even triple, glazing, your new sash windows will increase the energy efficiency in your property. Not only does that mean no draughts during the winter, but also lower energy bills which will save you money in the long run.

  • Functionality

Many homeowners prefer to install sash windows to replace their existing casement style. This is because they are strong and robust and the smooth, reliable sliding mechanism means they will remain in good condition for years to come.

  • Low maintenance

Everyone wants low maintenance windows and sash windows offer exactly that. Whether it’s uPVC or timber, the frames only require a quick wipe down to keep them looking great. Over time timber windows will require a little more attention, but when looked after correctly they will last for decades to come.

  • Versatility

The aesthetic appeal of sash windows is one of the main reasons why so many people install new sash windows. No matter what type of property you live in, sash windows fit in perfectly with any type of interior décor. From traditional to contemporary, they are the ideal way to refresh the interior and exterior of your home.

  • Cost-effective

Thanks to the money saved on energy bills, what you spend on installing new sash windows will soon be returned. They are a long-term investment that not only add value to your lifestyle, but also to your property.

How much do new sash windows cost?

There is no fixed cost when it comes to purchasing new sash windows. That is because each job is bespoke and individual to the property. That requires us to make precise measurements on each window so we understand how much work is involved.

When it comes to providing a quote for new sash windows there are also other important elements to consider. This includes the style of glazing you want to install, which will have an impact on the price. It is also important to ensure the aesthetic design fits in with the property style, so you enjoy the full benefit of installing new sash windows.

How much does it cost to repair sash windows?

Similar to the installation of new sash windows, it is difficult to provide an upfront cost for repairs. This is simply because the cost depends on the type of repair work required and the scale of the job at hand.

Sash window repairs can be anything from repairing damaged cords or broken locks to enhancing the security of each window. We are also able to replace single glazing with double glazing which will dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the property.

If you have sash windows in a period property, it is quite normal for timber frames to be repaired, as over time they will naturally absorb moisture and start to develop damp and maybe even mould. Once the window(s) in question has been assessed in person, then a clear quote can be provided, which will detail all of the costs involved for repairing your sash windows. If you interesting more about sash window look

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