Love Always, Client: 5 Customer Retention Tools For Every Business

Love Always, Client: 5 Customer Retention Tools For Every Business

In one’s business, it is crucial to have customers who will come back to your business to buy or avail again of your items or services after purchasing from your company or after availing of your services. These customers are called your loyal customers, which will send signals to other potential customers that, indeed, you mean business.

For some reason, some businesses, however, are having a hard time making customers stay. Companies have difficulty winning the loyalty of their customers. But there is nothing to worry about that now as in this day and age of technology, the business owners can always get help and learn about these five customer retention tools to make their customers like and fall in love with their business.

Communication Tool

Customers love convenience and comfort, and these are critical factors in determining how customers decide whether they will continue buying the items or engaging your company’s services. Communication Tool is of great help in achieving these goals for your customers, especially those customers who have busy or erratic schedules.

It would be easy for you as a business owner to connect with your clients with a communication tool and make things easy for them. This tool may include a text messaging tool that is responsible for arranging schedules or reminders for your clients or customers. As a company owner, you may hire trusted experts such as Weave to help you and provide you with this kind of communication tool.

Split Testing Tool

Split Testing Tool is also known as A/B Testing, which refers to the act of conducting an investigation or test to measure which choice is more effective between the two groups, A and B. A/B Testing Tool will help you understand your customer’s demeanor and will give you the edge on what will engage them or likely catch their attention.

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This kind of tool includes an image test, incentive test, or copy test. The best example of an image test is the background color of your business logo. Sometimes, a red background will be more likely to be referred by customers to their friends than a logo with a blue background.

On the other hand, the incentive Test is about the effects of the level of the different discounts on customers. Surprisingly, sometimes, the higher the customer’s discount, the lesser the customers will refer the product to his friend.

Finally, the copy test is a kind of A/B Testing Tool that encourages the customers to refer to the business brands or products by participating in a call to action offer, give and get the test, and the like. A call to action offer is about instilling in the customer’s mind the substantial reason why sharing the product with friends is worth it. This way, friends will be converted into customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

A successful business anticipates a customer’s needs. A good company focuses more on how to solve the customer’s problem than always thinking of what product to sell. This is what a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool is all about. This tool is about growing your business brand by building a relationship with your customers to produce loyal and repeat customers.

The significant types of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool are operational, analytical, and collaborative. Operational CRM Tool focuses on marketing and sales by gathering past customers’ profiles to improve the business’s current strategy. Analytical CRM Tool is about being updated to market trends by analyzing customers’ data, including their wants and needs. Collaborative CRM Tool is about sharing customers’ profiles with other companies to expand the company’s network.  

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Customer Helpdesk Tool

Customers will inevitably have issues with your business product or services. However, the existence of customer’s issues does not mean that the customer will be leaving for good. Most of the time, addressing these issues effectively, which is the function of your Customer Helpdesk Tool, is the reason why customers stay.

A typical example of helpdesk tools is live chat software that quickly addresses your customers’ concerns. When customers feel that their needs are being catered right away, they think they are your company’s utmost priority, helping boost customer retention.

Exit Interview Tool

One of the realities that your business would have to face is the possibility of customers leaving. But one best way of dealing with this possibility is to know your customer’s reason for leaving by using the Exit Interview Tool. This may be done by using exit interviews or surveys to improve the weak areas in your business.

Accepting criticisms will help your business grow. When the leaving customers feel that you are exerting efforts to improve on your weak or blind spots, chances are they might come back for good. This exit interview tool might turn leaving customers to forever customers.


Customer acquisition is vital to the business, but customer retention sustains your business and increases your income generation. With the help of these five customer retention tools, you are on your way to making your customers fall in love with your business all the more!

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