Love that's indestructible

Life without love is a waste. Everyone of us should cultivate prem, or love, towards all beings, man, bird and beast. If we are full of this universal love, we shall feel no sorrow. Children overflow with prem; but as they grow older, prem decreases. Prem is exemplified in the mother’s love for her child. Like the mother’s attitude towards her child, we too should be prepared to consider the happiness of every creature as of more value than our own happiness.That which has a beginning must have an end, is an inexorable rule. Prem is no exception to this rule and, so, prem is not unmixed with sorrow.

When a beloved one dies, the survivor suffers grief. On that account, is it wrong to cultivate love towards others? No. But we should seek the prem that is indestructible, namely, prem to God, who is eternal. Everything else springs from Him, lives by Him and, at death, goes back to Him. Loving God, if we look upon all things as God, we shall have, in effect, loved them as intensely as we love God.

To consider things as God, we should remember that they are all Ishwar- swaroopam, possessing the chitta and the shakti of God, without which none of them can exist or function. A non-luminous skylight illumines a dark room when the sunlight falls on it. So too do all objects of the world obtain their intelligence and power from the omniscient and omnipresent God. If we love everyone and everything around us as God, even if they disappear, we will not be afflicted by grief, because our love of God will continue to remain.


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