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Lyka App: Legit or Scam? Users Share Serious Security Concerns Even When Deleted 
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A new controversial Lyka app has started to gain popularity as it promises paying its users for every “gem” that they get in-app. The payment conversion is basically about $0.02 per gem that the user is able to gather.

Legit or Scam: Celebrities using Lyka app

There are a lot of celebrities  as of the moment that are using the Lyka app like the 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, according to an article by OneMega. The app was also made popular through the use of gems that can be purchased in a number of locations mentioned in an article by CandyMag.

The app was developed by CEO Ryan Baird who was known to be a silicon valley veteran who stated that the app can help both businesses and users benefit vice-versa according to PRNewswire. According to its LinkedIn page, it was founded back in 2017.

Is Lyka app safe to use?

According to a thread on Reddit from an iOS 14 developer beta mobile developer, a user explained the dangers of this particular controversial app. The mobile developer detailed the “orange” and “green” indicators shown on the status bar of the iPhone or iPad if ever a certain app would access the users’ camera (which turns green) or when an app would access the users’ location (which turns orange.)

The writer then clarified that “access” meant that the app would then use the phone freely and be able to tap into images from the phone’s camera. However, there is no description as to what the Lyka app does to the phone’s camera. The scary part, he said, is that the indicators (green and orange) are only available to the iOS 14 users and do not show on the iOS 13 and below devices.

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Here are a few controversies regarding the Lyka app Privacy policy page:

1. Information that includes address, name, phone number email ad, date of birth, will be collected upon registration. Failure to provide won’t let users register.

5. It was plainly stated that the Lyka app records details of the users’ activities within the platform that include items they liked, transactions, and etc.

8. Lyka Moments functionality is said to be “partially based” on devices face detection. This will require the Lyka app to access the device’s camera. It was then clarified that all of the images taken from the users’ device won’t be sent to Lyka’s servers. This meant that they do not collect, share, or store those images.


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Lyka app hack

Another part stated that they may disclose users’ Personal Data to some other users and their partners as well as service providers that are engaged by them. The justification was that they can provide services to users who otherwise process the Personal data for purposes that were described in the Privacy Policy or even notified to users when they collect their Personal Data.

It was also stated that users’ Personal Data could be disclosed by potential buyers in connection to any actual or even proposed purchase. This is provided that they will inform the buyer that usage of users’ Personal Data can only be for the purposes that were mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

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When a particular user sent the Lyka app an email regarding the deletion of their personal data, the user got a reply saying  “As of now, the app does not have a feature that would allow users to delete or deactivate an account.” 

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