Make a Mark in Advertising by Using Quality Custom Badges

Mark in Advertising by Using Quality Custom Badges

Quality custom badges are accessories that usually show the logo of a particular organisation. They may display an accomplishment, service, authority, status, employment title or are worn for identification reasons. The primary purposes of such a feature include publicity, branding or maybe corporate donations. Many of these are made from plastic, metal and fixated on to textiles. Many people are fond of collecting badges, while others have made badge collecting a serious hobby. On the business end, marketing teams utilise them for brand and product promos. Also, companies may even go further to embed their logos within the badges. These badges are handed out to employees and must be worn as part of company attire for smooth and correct identification.

Various Types of Quality Custom Badges


Nameplates are usually made of metal or plastic, or a combination of both, and these are widely utilised for identification reasons. They create a sense of official uniformity and ends in positive exposure to customers.

Nameplates are used on many goods to designate their brand. They may as well be used for decoration. When used strategically, they can boost the impact of the company logo or brand. However, they must meet certain legal requirements before being distributed.

ID Badges

Identification badges are the most commonly used quality custom badges. Used by the majority of institutions as part of their identification process, their emblem shows a connection between employee and company, and once the employee retires or leaves, he/she is no longer linked to the firm. To make sure the badge is no longer used, employees usually hand them over during clearance. Rocket badge not only offer quantity but quality as well when it comes to the badges they create for clients.

Badge Wallets

These are redesigned models of custom badges embedded in the front of wallets. Compared to other corporate donations, these make for a far fancier gift. The good thing about these models of quality custom badges is their durability. This is because of the long-lasting material used in creating them. Nonetheless, one major downfall of badge wallets is the lack of exposure, as wallets are generally kept in pockets.

Health Service Badges

If your company is connected to the medical industry, pharmaceutical distribution or medical supplies, you can offer health service badges as donations to your target audience. This audience includes nurses, doctors and other medical experts. By pinning the badges onto their tops as a form of ID, the chances of your brand being noticed by potential clients are pretty high. Even when off duty or on a coffee break, when one of these professionals moves in public with a quality custom badge that has your company logo, there will be an impact.

It all depends on the purpose of the badge, but anyway, getting quality custom badges made is easy; the only hard part is putting them into productive use.

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