Manager who sold Facebook in April: ‘Don’t see us being heavily invested in Facebook ever again.’

The FANG group of stocks has entered a correction, down more than 10 percent from their high, and they have taken down most of the tech sector with them in the past week. The biggest questions for investors will be to determine when the selling will end, and if the tech stocks — Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Alphabet (Google) — which have dominated market returns in recent history, will again be trading at attractive valuations. The current portfolio holdings of an ETF dedicated to focused tech-stock investing suggests that it is not time to buy into the tech dip yet.

Into earning season, the tech sector had contributed roughly 67 percent of the S&P 500 return, led by Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix and Facebook, according to S&P Global data, as of July 13. Google was also in the top 10 among S&P 500 stocks, providing the biggest contribution to the S&P 500 return. The only non-tech stocks were MasterCard and Visa. Facebook’s one-day decline last week of roughly $120 billion was the largest single-day decline in tech history. However, two of the top 10 one-day declines of all time occurred earlier in 2018 and hit other tech giants, Amazon and Alphabet, both of which ultimately rebounded strongly.

The AdvisorShares New Tech and Media ETF (FNG) has a 14 percent weighting to cash, its largest holding right now, larger than any weighting to a tech stock. The ETF is holding no Facebook stock at all. Amazon and Alphabet are among its top five holdings, with 8.5 percent of the ETF in Amazon and 5.3 percent in Alphabet shares, according to its daily holdings report. Netflix is held at a 2 percent position, the third-smallest weighting among all of the tech stocks in the FNG ETF.

The higher weightings to Amazon and Alphabet are aligned with stronger performance of these stocks relative to Facebook and Netflix. Even as they are weighed down by the tech sector, their earnings reports were strong and benefited from cloud storage and service businesses.


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