About 8,000 Rochester City School District students in grades 9-12 will be offered free home internet access through their district-issued Chromebooks. The service is being offered to students who don’t have internet access in their home in order to help them with homework and research when they’re not in school, according to a statement from the Rochester School District.

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The internet access will be provided through the 1 Million Project Foundation, a non-profit that uses the Sprint’s mobile network in an effort to increase academic performance through access to high-speed, mobile internet access.

Home internet isn’t accessible to all students in Rochester, particularly those living in low-income households.

Parents will receive a letter this summer explaining the program and eligibility requirements. The service will become available early in the 2019 school year at no cost to the family or student. Students will not be able to access inappropriate content because every device will be equipped with a filter that is compliant with the Free Children’s Internet Protection Act.


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