Facebook was launched by a group of Harvard students from a dorm room in 2004.

One of those former students, Mark Zuckerberg, has become one of the richest and most prominent CEOs in the world — but also one of the most controversial, as Facebook has come under fire in a seemingly never-ending string of scandals.

On Thursday, Chris Hughes, one of Facebook’s other cofounders, became the latest to slam Zuckerberg in a blistering New York Times op-ed, calling for the social network to be broken up and asking for increased regulation over the tech industry.

But who is Chris Hughes, this lesser-known Facebook cofounder?

Hughes, 35, departed Facebook a decade ago with a small stake in the company. Although he hasn’t quite achieved the notoriety of Zuckerberg, Hughes’ career post-Facebook has included volunteering for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, a stint as editor of the magazine The New Republic, and pushing for Universal Basic Income (UBI) and other big social reforms.

Here’s the life of Chris Hughes, from Harvard student to cofounder to one of Facebook’s biggest critics:


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