Meet the ex-sailor who is cashing in on the world of digital currency

A former sailor who served at Portland has taken the plunge and followed a new direction by cashing in on digital currency.

And to help people get to grips with the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency, Martin May-Clingo has written a beginner’s guide.

Former Weymouth resident Mr May-Clingo enjoyed a successful career in the Royal Navy which included two periods serving on Portland – at the former Naval Base as a Royal Navy Photographer, and later as an officer on RFA Argus when it was an aviation training ship which saw him travel around the world.

He has a particular fondness for Weymouth; remembering the beach where he spent many a summer weekend, as well as his regular runs across the causeway to Portland.

After the leaving the Royal Navy, he enjoyed a varied business career during which he stumbled across Bitcoin in 2013, and has been an avid follower of the emerging cryptocurrency market ever since.

Mr May-Clingo has now written a book to help people understand virtual currencies.

He said: “From discussions with many people, I recognised that there is a huge amount of interest, but also misunderstanding and urban myths, surrounding Bitcoin in particular, and cryptocurrency in general.

“So I felt the best way to enable people to understand what it’s all about, is to write a book for those who are new to this world.”

The book, ‘Understanding Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies, … Beginners Guide to the Crypto Revolution’ is available on Amazon as an e-book and paperback, and is also being distributed to book retailers.

Mr May-Clingo added: “I really hope this will help people to understand a complex but exciting subject in a straightforward way and that the book becomes the definitive guide for beginners.”


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