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With over ten years of fin-tech experience under her belt, Maia Naor — Vice President of Product for INX — has been at the forefront of INX since it was founded three years ago. From 2010 until July 2017, she served as Vice President of Product at a leading European regulated trading group where she oversaw the planning, implementation and launch of several web-based and mobile trading applications offering financial services. Naor also gained experience in building and training teams of data scientists that supported the growth and optimization of the trading products.

Shy Datika, President of INX shared his thoughts. “Maia Naor has played an integral role in the growth of INX Limited. Her expertise in fin-tech is helping us to approach our ultimate goal of launching a platform which brings regulated digital asset opportunities to institutions and retail investors.”

Naor encourages more women to get into the thriving fin-tech industry. “I think women tend to steer away from tech, thinking it’s not a natural fit and they’d be better suited for other industries. However, I’ve found that that’s not necessarily the case. My advice would be to invest your first couple of years really gaining knowledge and building confidence, so you can break into tech with the proper tool set.” She added, “Women bring an added element to every industry, which in my experience is a huge advantage especially in the fields of Product Management.”

Today, Naor encourages women to empower their own wallets with cryptocurrency and digital assets. Studies have shown that women have a fickle relationship with money and financial literacy. She hopes to provide comfort in the security measures that INX has in place for digital wallets. Military grade protection and full regulatory oversight provide an unmatched level of security.

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This International Women’s Day, INX Limited celebrates Ms. Naor and its global female partners who lead the charge for the future of finance.

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About INX
INX aims to provide a regulated trading platform for digital securities and cryptocurrencies combining traditional markets expertise and a novel fintech approach. INX is led by an experienced team of business, finance, and blockchain technology experts unified by the vision of redefining the world of capital markets via the leveraging of blockchain technology and an innovative regulatory path.



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