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Meet Your Crypto Match! Introducing Beaxy’s New App – Finance Magnates

For years, we’ve yearned for a trading experience that matches how we live. Yet, they’ve all been found wanting.

It’s as if whoever builds these platforms still rides in cabs, the actual yellow checkered ones, or pays for things with one of those plastic credit cards.

You know, the ones you physically have to touch, stick into a machine and have an actual wallet to carry them in, making one side of your butt inevitably bulkier than the other? Those people.

In short, everything in the trading space is boring, takes too long, is full of squiggly lines and graphs and charts and other things that one must pay attention to, and who’s got the time for that?

But crypto is lit and likely will be for a long time to come. And we wanted in on the party. So we built a trading platform that’s like us: fast-moving, world-changing and always on!

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This brings us to the upcoming launch of its revolutionary trading app from Beaxy.

New to trading?

We got you. In the time it takes you to watch two cat videos, you’re in, verified and ready to trade.

Our brilliant, hyper-intelligent AI will throw the best buys and sells at you, on occasion. Or you do you and pick your own poison. Swipe right to trade! That’s it. Like for real, that’s it.

Done. Traded. And stored with the highest levels of security (think The Vault). Forever. And you’re the only Key Master.

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Welcome to the sexiest trading app in the known universe. Just go for it.

About Beaxy

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates.


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