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MetaCosmos: A Rare Project Featuring Live Use Cases Before Token Launch – EIN News

/EIN News/ — Fontana, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Overview:

  • MetaCosmos is a Binance blockchain-based virtual reality platform aimed to feature an immersive user experience.
  • The trending, Metaverse and Web3 crypto project offers applications focusing on retail, gaming, e-sports, rewards, and media.
  • The project’s utility token MetaCos features use cases before its launch that makes it rare.

Metaverse offers an immersive 3D virtual world experience just like the real world. It provides extensive offerings like trading land and digital assets. When these immersive experiences combine with decentralized finance, the outcome is profitable and engaging. 

MetaCosmos is a unique metaverse project that unlocks the digital market potential through popular consumer services like e-commerce, finance, e-sports, and e-media. The project also features a utility token MetaCos, currently available on its launchpad. MetaCosmos aims to identify gaps between the blockchain technology’s core protocol layer and the consumer’s interaction ability.

What is MetaCosmos?

MetaCosmos is a metaverse-based platform that consists of multiple ventures like:

  • MetaCosmos Games: It concentrated on the play-to-earn or P2E business model.
  • MetaCosmos Media: It is a reward-based offering allowing users to make profits by playing games and creating content.
  • MetaCosmos Finance: It is a crypto-financial launchpad for MetaCosmos Valt.

The project also features other ventures like MetaCosmos NFTs and upcoming e-commerce solutions. All the MetaCosmos ventures have one common link, the Metaverse.

The project’s signature venture, the MetaCosmos Valt, is a virtual space offering a 360 experience, right from shopping, gaming, NFTs, crypto finance, etc. This feature provides full multichain interoperability by targeting four prominent sections of the metaverse experience- art, gaming, music, and entertainment.

In addition to its 3D experience, the platform also aims to leverage the potential of decentralized finance and introduce innovative and affordable products for its users.

With these unique ventures, MetaCosmos plans to enrich the metaverse experience and emerge as a potential business.

MetaCosmos’ utility token METACOS fuels the MetaCosmos ecosystem. It acts as a utility and payment mode and finds applications as trading fees, liquidity pool development, NFT creation, and more.

Token distribution
50% of the total supply of the METACOS tokens goes to the liquidity pool, 20% to marketing, and 15% to the team and rewards, respectively.

The token is currently undergoing pre-sale on the MetaCosmos launchpad and already features use cases. The token is essential to purchasing ICO tokens of any project featured on the MetaCosmos launch pad.

MetaCosmos uses blockchain technology, AI, and AR/VR to introduce end-to-end solutions through its eight ventures. MetaCosmos has already completed its token creation and deployment. The MetaCos token is also listed on price tracking websites.

MetaCosmos developers are currently working on marketing plans through influencer marketing, press releases, and social media marketing. The project’s token is also available for presale on its launchpad. 

The project will also introduce Holders’s Passive Income Expansion programs like staking and farming in the upcoming stages. The project developers will also list the token on multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges. MetaCosmos also aims to develop its own blockchain, launch a mobile application, NFT marketplace, and centralized exchange.

For more details on the MetaCosmos project and METACOS token pre-sale, visit:

Website: http://metacos.world/

Join the MetaCosmos community on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaCosOfficial
Telegram Group: t.me/Metacos_Official
Telegram Channel: t.me/MetacosOfficial
Instagram: https://instagram.com/metacosofficial



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