Meteor shower tonight: What's the best time to see the dazzling Delta Aquariids this week?

What is the best time to see the Delta Aquariids this week?

The meteor shower will peak this year on the night of Wednesday, July 28, through to the morning of Thursday, July 29.

If you get lucky, you might also see one or two shooting stars on the nights just before and after the peak.

Ms Patel said: “Although it’s been active since mid-July and will continue through until August 24, the Delta Aquariids meteor shower peaks this week on the evening of July 28 and into the early morning of July 29.”

According to the astronomer, the shower will be best seen after 11pm BST.

This is when the shower’s so-called radiant point – the point from which they appear to enter the skies – will appear above the horizon.

The radiant sits in the constellation Aquarius and will appear in the southeast before climbing higher into the sky.


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