MG Motor India names first SUV 'Hector'

MG Motor India, which is set to launch in the local market in the second quarter of the current year, today unveiled the name of its sports utility vehicle – ‘Hector’. MG Motor India MD Rajeev Chaba tells ET the rationale behind the nomenclature. Edited excerpts:

What does the name, ‘Hector’ mean?

The name ‘Hector’ refers to the Royal Hector biplane which was used by the Royal Air Force in the 1930s. It also harks back to the fierce warrior, Prince Hector of Troy and his noble qualities. The name pays homage to the great British engineering tradition which MG Motors India carries forward.

Why have you chosen the same for your first SUV?

‘Hector’ stands for everything strong and bold yet trust worthy and dependable. Further, there is a deeper connection to its engineering and heroic references, as the name seeks to demonstrate the design influence of these values, as exhibited by the geometrical cuts and design of the MG SUV. In short, Hector represents the best in engineering, design and performance.

How does it align with the philosophy and the company culture?

MG Motor stands for state-of-the-art engineering, powerful performance, reliability and a steady focus on values and integrity. All of this is encapsulated perfectly in the name ‘Hector’ and the historical references it is entwined with. We chose this name as a perfect complement for MG Motors India’s brand philosophy as well as the core value propositions of the MG SUV built for and targetted at the India market.

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How do you classify the customer segments that this name will appeal to? With the description given, it seems that you are too focussed towards the youth – don’t you think for an automobile the name should have more of universal appeal targeting cross-section of audience?

The name Hector will resonate well with all sections of our target audience. The older generations will relate it to the heritage of the Royal British biplane and the long-standing tradition of British engineering excellence. The youth, on the other hand, are more likely to be inspired by the tenacity and spirited integrity that the Trojan Prince stood for in Homer’s Iliad, a narrative referenced often in the popular culture that they consume. More importantly, however, we are confident that the name will reflect each of the defining characteristics of the vehicle once it is launched in the market and therein will lie its true and universal appeal.


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