MG Motor working on affordable EV concept

NEW DELHI: India is leading the efforts at Chinese-owned MG Motor to develop a concept model of an affordable electric vehicle costing less than Rs 10 lakh.

MG Motor India managing director Rajeev Chaba said the company had already started working on the project, taking cues from the requirements of local consumers. The concept will be completed in the next one year, and a production model may hit the roads in the next three to four years, he said.

“If an EV has to become mainstream, the price point has to be less than ?10 lakh … The team has started looking at it, the concept is being studied, it will take one year to complete the project. Then the production, cost issues, will be addressed,” Chaba said.

Keeping in mind Indian consumers, their paying capacity, frugality and value conscious nature, MG Motor is trying to find a mass solution in the electric vehicle segment, Chaba said. “That’s what we are working on right now. Theoretically, as a concept, we would like to believe that there are many markets like India and when you do the frugal engineering in India, and if you are able to successfully commercialise the concept, there may be many markets outside, who may like to have the product,” he added.

As per the direction given by the government, electric mobility seems to be the future of the automotive industry in India, Chaba added.


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