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Microsoft is bringing its Defender security solution to platforms beyond Windows in the form of an app. The ‘Microsoft Defender app is now available for those subscribed to the Microsoft 365 personal and family packs. And this app will work across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices as well.

Microsoft is bringing Defender for individuals free of cost but linked to their existing Microsoft 365 family and personal subscriptions. So, those who already pay for the service can download the app and sign in with their personal Microsoft account to get security on the non-Windows devices as well.

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Microsoft wants more people to sign up for its 365 offering, which is why there is a free 30-day trial for Defender that can help new users make the switch to the paid model.

Microsoft Defender app
Microsoft Defender app

Reports say Microsoft has been testing Defender for individuals over the past several months. The company says Defender is the one-stop hub for all security protections, and you can also view the security status of devices used by everyone in the family.

Microsoft says for iOS and iPadOS users, the Defender app does not support antivirus protection, instead, you get alerts for possible phishing attempts on your digital accounts. For Android users, the app is more effective as it includes antivirus protection, and even lets you scan the apps for any malware.

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With cyber-attacks and data leaks becoming a common sight, it is possible that Microsoft felt the need for a robust solution that can monitor your devices and others in the family through a single dashboard. Microsoft says it will be adding more features to Defender in the coming months.

Defender has been the built-in security solution on Windows for many years now, and it seems the company is now ready to deploy it on other platforms as the security concerns among the digital users across the globe has heightened because of the alarming rate of digital attacks these days.

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