Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony commit to making gaming safer

The three big game console makers — Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony — have teamed together to commit to making gaming safer for everyone.

This comes via a post made by Microsoft on its Xbox Wire site. It states, “At Xbox, we are aligned with both Nintendo, on behalf of the community of Nintendo Switch players, and PlayStation in our belief that protecting players online requires a multidisciplinary approach — one that combines the benefits of advanced technology, a supportive community, and skilled human oversight. We can accomplish more when we work toward the same goal, and so we will each continue investing in, evolving, and amplifying our approaches to user safety.”

Microsoft highlights three key principles. These are prevention (giving players and parents the tools and options to help avoid harassment and toxicity before it can happen), partnership (working with industry trade organizations, industry members, regulators, law enforcement, and experts to make online gaming experiences safer), and responsibility (all companies hold themselves accountable for creating safe gaming experiences).

These three game companies are rivals, but the console war tensions aren’t what they used to be. The industry has grown since those bitter days of the Sega/Nintendo feuds of the ’90s. The market is capable of supporting all three companies and their consoles, along with robust PC and mobile gaming markets. That has made cooperation — including cross-platform play — possible these days.

“Protecting players can be challenging in a digitally and often instantaneously connected world,” Xbox notes. “This partnership signifies our commitment to work together to improve player safety and ensure gaming remains truly for everyone. While the video game industry has a long history of taking steps to protect gamers, especially children, we recognize that no one company or industry will solve these challenges alone. We welcome others to make and share similar commitments to players everywhere.”

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