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What September’s patching frenzy lacked in fireworks, it more than compensated for in volume – and belligerence. Server 2016 hiccups on Security Options. Win10 version 2004 surprises – Lenovo still hasn’t fixed its Blue Screen-inducing Biometric Security setting; the TRIM function still tries to trim spinning hard disks; for some, Start goes wonky, Action Center disappears, and there’s the usual litany of odd, one-off bug reports.

As of early today, we’re still waiting for the Win10 version 2004 “optional, non-security, C/D/E Week” patch, but all of the other expected September patches are in.

Defrag woes in Win10 version 2004 largely fixed, but TRIM still nips

As I’ve mentioned many times, Windows 10 version 2004 shipped with a bug that causes the Windows Optimizer Drives defrag tool to skip updating the completion date on defrag runs. As a result, defrags occur much more frequently than necessary. Microsoft has known about the bug since January – months before 2004 shipped — but didn’t bother to acknowledge it until a fix appeared this month.

This month’s fix, in the September cumulative update for Win10 version 2004, doesn’t fix another defrag bug. The still-outstanding bug has Windows run the TRIM function on hard disks. (TRIM should only be run on SSDs.) Again, Microsoft has known about the bug for many months. Again, it hasn’t been officially acknowledged.

Windows Server 2016 throws an MMC error

After you install the September cumulative update on Server 2016, KB 4577015, navigating the Group Policy Editor to Computer Configuration > Windows Setting > Security Settings > Local Policy > Security Options throws the wsecedit.dll error shown in the screenshot below.

wsecedit errorMicrosoft

Microsoft lists the bug in its Windows Release Information Status page as “Mitigated,” but the only fix I’ve seen (other than coming in through a remote back door) is on Günter Born’s Tech and Windows World page.


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