TechInAfrica – Finding potential and employees can be difficult sometimes, especially for a higher position like Managers that can lead businesses to the next level. Every startup and business know that human capital is one of the most important aspects when scaling or growing a business. Therefore, identifying key mistakes businesses make will help to create a better recruitment process and find the best candidates.

Mistakes Startups and Businesses Make When Recruiting New Employees
Mistakes Startups and Businesses Make When Recruiting New Employees

Here are the key mistakes that most startups and businesses make when it comes to recruiting according to startuptipsdaily:

  1. Unclear Job Description

Most organizations make critical mistakes in making a clear job description for a new candidate. This can cause you to hire the wrong candidate. Thus, to address this problem, you should make clear job description—implement things that candidate would be attracted to a job, make a list of job responsibilities and what skills, knowledge, and experience that you want a candidate to possess to meet your expectation. By making a clear idea since the beginning will make you easier to identify the skills in candidates.

  1. Nepotism

It’s shown by research and experience that many organizations fail to grow due to nepotism in the selection process, amongst other key aspects. The impact of this practice includes inefficiency, low productivity, indiscipline, and many more. If you don’t want this to happen, you should avoid recruiting a candidate which not based on their capability and skills. The process should be handled professionally and by experts so that no such mistakes occur.

Mistakes Startups and Businesses Make When Recruiting New Employees
Mistakes Startups and Businesses Make When Recruiting New Employees
  1. Unclear Hiring Policies
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Many organizations do not make clear hiring policies when they begin the hiring process. This will confuse both the hiring manager and candidates, especially to contract workers. Therefore, you must make clear hiring and selection policies since the beginning. Always prioritize transparency and professionalism to the policies.

  1. Follow The First Impression

Many recruiters often end up hiring the wrong candidates because they trust their first impression. They judge candidate whether or not they like them without considering the candidates’ strengths and match it with the responsibilities of the position. Judging a candidate based on the first impression does not work, you should see his true potentials.

  1. Unprofessional Recruiters

Some organizations today put workers with fewer skills or little assignments transferred to the human resources department without a thorough process. It may sound unusual but it’s the truth. This affects the recruitment process which can reduce competitiveness and profit. So, to avoid this mistake, organizations can find a reliable recruitment agency to help in the hiring process or just outsource to a human resource management company.




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