Mobile Gaming Showing Dramatic Growth in the UK

Mobile Gaming Showing Dramatic Growth in the UK

Thanks to the powerful smartphones we all own these days, the games in which we can access on both iOS and Android have never looked so good. The gameplay is better than ever before, the graphics are similar to consoles of old, and the all-round technology-based innovation has led to a better gaming experience on a mobile phone on the whole.

Over the last few years, UK audiences have contributed greatly to the overall rise in smartphone gaming. In fact, since 2019, Facebook Gaming found that the UK mobile gamer market has grown by 50%, which is essentially the equivalent of 8.6 million new gamers in that time, a remarkable rate of growth. This is largely down to the convenience smartphone gaming provides but also because of the improved offering. With more power in our modern-day mobile phones has come more freedom for mobile games developers.

With smartphones offering more power and sophistication than ever before, mobile gaming has certainly reached new heights. We’re seeing a growing trend of console-quality titles being released onto smartphone devices, alongside a range of other titles. They accompany impressive games such as Pokemon Go, with its augmented reality feature, which enables players to explore the outdoors and immerse themselves in nature as they hunt down a variety of Pokemon.

The Go-to Games for the Public

Alongside the likes of Pokemon Go, a wide selection of other titles have been downloaded by mobile gamers in the UK. According to the same study from Facebook Gaming, the most popular games in recent times have been puzzle titles, with 33% of gamers sampling these types of products. Shooters won over 12% of gamers, while sports releases managed to win over 8% of gamers in the country. Online casinos have shown dramatic growth also, with people flocking to play Perfect Blackjack online and a range of other classic casino games. Overall, it is evident that smartphone gaming has reached new audiences in the last couple of years, paving the way for an even more exciting future ahead. Given the continual innovation we’re being exposed to, gaming on a mobile phone will only get better, too.

The Main Factors Behind Smartphone Gaming’s Growth

The improved offering from games developers has certainly contributed to the healthy position mobile gaming is now in, but so too has a variety of other things. For example, other gaming options certainly aren’t cheap. A newly-released PlayStation 5 costs a staggering £449.99 at the time of writing, and that’s before you’ve purchased additional games and any accessories Sony suggests we need. For many, owning a PS5 is unaffordable, especially when you factor in the various struggles people are going through at the moment, given the situation with the economy and everything that comes with it. As a result of this, it’s only natural that people will look for alternative gaming options, with smartphone gaming being extremely cheap or free. As such, people are purchasing gaming phones and accessing an array of mobile gaming titles. 

Another reason why smartphone gaming is booming is because of our improved understanding of modern technology and everything it entails, which, in turn, has enabled games developers to win over new audiences. For example, parents are turning to mobile releases on top of their children who are playing creations like the aforementioned Pokemon Go and Among Us. Likewise, even elderly gamers are emerging as they attempt puzzle titles and a variety of brain training games which offer a range of benefits to senior gamers. Essentially, the image of a stereotypical gamer has been well and truly turned on its head.

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