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Money Clinic Podcast: Merryn Somerset Webb on investing

Retail is not dead. Brexit could help UK companies. Take a small punt on bitcoin, keep your money invested in fossil fuel companies, and reassess your holdings in expensive tech stocks.

FT podcast: Merryn Somerset Webb on investing

FT columnist Merryn Somerset Webb reveals what guides her investment strategies in conversation with Claer Barrett. Download here

These are pretty punchy opinions about the investment world — and they come from one of the FT’s top opinion writers, the columnist Merryn Somerset Webb.

In this special episode of Money Clinic podcast, Merryn chats to presenter Claer Barrett about her own personal investment strategy — and the forces she believes will be shaping the stock market in the years to come.

Listeners should be aware that the discussion of investment trends on this podcast is for information only, aimed at people who feel confident making their own investment decisions. It doesn’t constitute an investment recommendation, or individual financial advice — if you want that, you’ll need to see an independent financial adviser.


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