GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2019 / MoonXis to list the RUB token issued by RubyChain on 18th September. This is the second listing for the digital exchange that hopes to rival traditional platforms with a wide array of token offerings that cater to customers who seek the currency of the future.

RubyChain Network describes itself as a ‘real commercial grade blockchain infrastructure’ product. The “total supply of RUB will be limited to 20,000,000,000”.

What is RubyChain

According to RubyChain Network, Ruby uses innovative double-helical molecular structures to provide intelligent contracts, multi-chain parallelism, cross-chain consensus, chain-based big data module storage, non-inductive out-of-chain application, and block fragmentation storage, and rapid application transfer to reduce the costs involved in traditional industries and processes.

This solution provides an easy course to migrate any blockchain application on to the Rubychain and as well as facilitates seamless development of institution-level blockchain applications on the chain.

“That main chain and the side chain adopt a DNA-like double-helix molecular structure blockchain. The underlying stranding technique of the blockchain is transformed from a single flat blockchain to a double-helix molecular structure.”

“Ruby’s original innovation consensus algorithm retains the traditional POW workload proof function SHA256 while adding Rotation work rotation certification algorithm and Contribute system contribution algorithm, a more friendly balance impossible triangle.

MoonX to list RUB on 18th September

MoonX said about the forthcoming listing: “We couldn’t be happier about our partnership with RubyChain team. MoonX exchange will have the native token of the RubyChain platform listed on 18th September. Time of the listing will soon be announced. Celebrating this partnership, MoonX and RubyChain will launch exciting reward campaigns in the coming week, details of which will be soon shared on MoonX website and social media accounts.”

MoonX offers a handcrafted solution with some cutting edge features:

  • Order execution in 20 Nanosecond.
  • Up to 20 million orders executed per second.
  • Ultra low latency colocation service.
  • Security protocol that matches regulation requirements.
  • Protection from hackers.
  • Security upgrades based on policy.

Previous listing

Earlier this month MoonX also listed OSC, a native token belonging to the iOscarplatform. iOscarResource Chain is a blockchain technology run by Mt Oscar Gold Project. OSC tokens are linked to physical gold and can be exchanged for the precious metal. According to Mt Oscar, the iOscar Resource Chain is the world’s first blockchain application scenario that has its foundation in physical gold mining rights.

RUB Token Information

RubyChian (RUB) Token – IS the native token of RubyChain blockchain

Total Supply:20,000,000,000 RUB

Source code:

ICO Price:¥0.2

Market price (as on 13thSeptember, 18:00 (GMT+8)) : ¥0.49

To learn more about RubyChian

Official Website:


Block Explorer :




About MoonX Exchange:


Exchange website:

Official blog:

Official microblog:


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