Most Helpful Services for Accepting Online Payments

Most Helpful Services for Accepting Online Payments

Providing customers with a secure way to pay is a duty of every online marketplace, regardless of what it sells. Below is the merchant gateway services rated by payment security experts from Select the one that matches your requirements. 


This solution was introduced back in 1996 by Visa. Today it remains amongst the leading payment gateway service providers in the US and Europe and proceeds over a billion transactions yearly. The platform is a partner of most credit/debit card emitters and payment processors internationally. It even receives payments from competitor platforms, including PayPal. You can pay for the payment gateway only without additional services and drop the transaction and daily batch fees to $0.10. 

2. Stripe

Stripe is a relatively new market player. However, it already claims that around 90% of all online purchases from businesses have been made via Stripe gateways. The platform offers customizable plans for different businesses, and it’s natively integrated with WooCommerce, Squarespace, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix. It also supports over 135 currencies and offers a 24/7 merchant support service, which makes it a great solution for international marketplaces. 

3. PayPal

PayPal is the most recognized online payment processing service in the world, and it can be used as a payment gateway for your business as well. People trust PayPal worldwide, while it provides a bunch of solutions for business owners. Depending on the plan, you can adjust your PayPal gateway to accept payments from all major payment systems and banks, and integrate the solution into any popular e-commerce platform. PayPal covers over 200 markets, can process 26 major currencies, and can provide unified solutions for your entire business. 

4. Square

This payment gateway is as good as all listed above, but it doesn’t support PayPal, which is the largest competitor of the platform. However, it works great with the website, invoice, and over-the-phone payments, integrates with all major e-commerce platforms, and it’s much easier to set up than most solutions on the market. You should avoid it if you need to accept ACH or electronic check payments, though. If it’s not a problem, get ready to get a plugin mobile credit card reader for free when you connect to the system. 

5. WePay

This P2P (Peer-to-Peer) payment platform is valuable due to its ability to process multiple payment channels and complex types of payments from multiple platforms simultaneously. You also have an option to create custom omnichannel checkout flows to effectively deal with multiple payers and even huge crowdfunding campaigns. 

Setting up the gateway requires only the merchant’s email to start accepting payments. The API can be easily integrated into websites and applications. All these useful features are available along with all the essential solutions, while the service pricing is still competitive. 

Security & Convenience

Using one of the listed services, you can ensure that your customers receive the best online payment service and don’t experience any technical issues while making payments for your goods and services. 

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