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A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is a useful tool, especially for investors who want to see the value of their investments in a specific blockchain space. They could monitor the growth and decline of their digital assets in real-time through this software.

If you are just getting started with cryptos, it’s important first to know why you are investing in the first place. It could mean that you want an additional income or practice taking a risk with a twist.

As we tackle the best crypto portfolio tracker apps that you can use right now, let’s first find out the definition of this term.

We will discuss the features and pricing of each application.

What is Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Most Recommended Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps For Investors and Traders [2021]

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A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is a useful tool especially for investors who want to see the value of their investments in specific blockchain space

According to Tech Slang, a crypto portfolio is best defined as software that helps investors handle their crypto investment inventory. This tool is beneficial to people who want to know the progress of their assets and whether it is on a downward or upward trend.

Moreover, it aids the person in analyzing the performance of the virtual currencies within a certain time frame. Besides these tasks, this system could also release live updates from several crypto exchanges. If you want to know the latest news about the crypto market, it will notify you of what is coming next.

The report also wrote that investors should create a versatile crypto portfolio. If you only stick to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ETH, you cannot explore more options.

To mitigate the possible losses of investments, it’s important to spread your cryptocurrencies in various places. The experts reminded the investors to only invest in fully understanding things.

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Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers Apps to Download 

To improve their crypto holdings, investors should consider using a trusted crypto portfolio tracker app for their investment. Here are the best applications that you should use according to Software Testing Help.

For individual and firm traders and investors, Blockfolio is one of the most recommended apps that they should use to analyze their crypto assets. Started in 2014, this application lets wallet integration for 15 crypto exchanges.

Compared to other portfolio trackers, this app boasts “Signal,” its specialized tool for trading-related information. At the time of writing, it has over 148,000 ratings on Android while on Apple App Store, it already amassed more than 28,000 reviews.

Price: Free


  • Downloadable on both iOS and Android
  • Dedicated news section
  • Desktop access not available

Pionex remains to be one of the top contenders when it comes to building crypto inventory. This app features 18 trading bots for free. Currently, there are nearly 100,000 users who have already downloaded this application.

For web users, Pionex offers a wide service for investment control. While it has some limitations for this feature, it introduces a new wallet service on its latest update.

Price: 0.05% transaction fees for taker and maker


  • 18 free trading bots that you can choose from
  • Allows trading through bank account
  • Customizable UI
  • Light and Dark Mode, TradingView charts, and other add-ons

Blockfolio has a long-time rival in service and it is the Delta crypto tracker app. This application is best for ICO holders and investors who want to add their favorite coins to the exchange.

This portfolio tracker app is known for its Delta Direct which is a popular place for those who want to learn more about upcoming investments.

Price: Offers both free and premium versions; Android Early Black ($70 to $80); iOS ($60 to $70) annual subscription


  • Downloadable on several platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows
  • Crypto exchange API and charting tools

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