Motilal Oswal Group has launched the Motilal Oswal Group SIP (MOGSIP) to imbibe the philosophy of long-term investing in its employees. Once an employee starts an SIP in a mutual fund scheme of Motilal Oswal AMC, the employer will also match the SIP contribution.

Within one month of opening subscription to MOGSIP, more than 1,450 employees have opted for the program. The first month’s SIP has been invested on September 5.

All confirmed and on-roll employees of Motilal Oswal Group are eligible for MOGSIP.

An employee may choose from one of three pure equity mutual fund schemes of Motilal Oswal AMC – multi cap, mid cap or focused.

The minimum amount for monthly subscription is Rs 500. There is no upper limit on employee’s monthly contribution. Although, the company contribution has certain grade-wise caps.

“The name ‘Motilal Oswal Group’ has become synonymous with the word ‘equity.’ We have been in the equity investment advisory for more than three decades and have positioned ourselves as ‘equity experts’ in the industry. Though many of our group employees are equity investors, there are many others of our own employees, who were not investing in the equity markets. When we are advising external world, all our own people too should be encouraged to invest into equity markets. This will also help them realise how wealth may be created via long-term investing in equity markets. Mutual funds are better options for them as, a good manager knows all the nitty-gritties of equity markets,” says Motilal Oswal, Managing Director, MOFSL.

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“Once a person truly experiences wealth creation through power of compounding by making equity savings a discipline, it will never be ignored while planning finances. Through MOGSIP, we wish to encourage employees to plan for future with demonstration of conviction in equity as an asset class; backed by further commitment from the employer,” added Motilal Oswal.



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