Samsung’s next Unpacked event is to be held next month. The big reveal will be the company’s next flagship phone, to be called Samsung Galaxy S20. But alongside the phones, there will also be new in-ear headphones on display.

A new report from claims that it has received information relating to the new earbuds, to be called the Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

Here’s what we know so far.

February 11 is the big day

Samsung Unpacked takes place in San Francisco on Tuesday, February 11, with the new S20 handsets. Although names like Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds (2020) have been bandied about, Buds+ seems to have been decided on as the most likely. Mind you, if you can leap from Samsung Galaxy S10 to S20 in one year, anything could happen. 

Similarly, although there’s no certainty that the new earbuds will be revealed on the same day as the phones, it would make a lot of sense, not least because it was alongside last year’s S10 that the Galaxy Buds were unveiled.

The code SM-R175 has been seen on Samsung’s website, so definitely in line with the SM-R170 code that is the first-gen earbuds.

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The big news is that contrary to previous rumors, which claimed that noise-cancelation would be on board, the latest information is that it’s not going to have active noise-cancelation (ANC) in the new earbuds. 

This is a disappointment as the feature is one of the reasons the recent Apple AirPods Pro have been so successful – even if a recent report suggests that a firmware update has had a negative effect on the ANC in Apple’s buds. 

But audio quality has been improved

It seems the audio quality has been improved overall, which is good news, but even so, ANC would been welcome. It’s worth noting that the Galaxy Buds fit the ears very snugly, so at least it’s likely there’ll be decent passive noise-canceling.

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The current Galaxy Buds launched last Spring to largely positive reviews. Not least this was down to the fact that you could charge the earbuds wirelessly, which meant Samsung beat Apple to this feature. Second-generation AirPods were released a few weeks after with an optional wireless charging case.

There’s no decisive knowledge yet but it’s thought the new version will look similar to last year’s. Sammobile believes the design won’t change much at all.

Battery life

This is the best rumor. As spotted by Droid Life last month, an FCC filing for an item called SM-R175 and this revealed what looks like being a significant uptick in battery size and, therefore, how long the headphones will last on a single charge. 

Things can change between filing and release but if these details are correct, it’s estimated the upgrade from 58mAh to 85mAh – assuming it’s not just an accidental transposing of the two digits – should increase the battery life hugely. Perhaps to as much as 12 hours per charge.

Call quality

Sammobile’s source says that the new buds will have four microphones, instead of the two on the current model. Usually, extra microphones are used to abet noise-cancelation, but can also be implemented to improve call quality by comparing what the separate microphones hear and prioritizing what the software considers is your voice over background noise.


One of the key points for. Last year’s model was the price. Not only did the Galaxy Buds come with wireless charging, but the price was still competitive with Apple AirPods. 

I’d expect Samsung to keep to the same price, roughly, to keep the Galaxy Buds+ an appealing proposition. 

Last year, the company gave away a lot of Buds as a gift when you bought a Samsung Galaxy S10. Expect the same technique to apply here, too. 

What next?

We’ll know for sure in the next few weeks, but this is a fast-moving story, so please check back – I’ll be updating this post regularly with news and deals. 


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