The MTA unveiled its new anti-hate campaign Monday on the anniversary of Auschwitz being liberated and days after an attack on a trans woman.

The Hate Has No Place in Our Transportation System is about creating a more inclusive community that is reflective of the kindness and respect that New Yorkers display for one another everyday.

The MTA joined with the New York Transgender Advocacy Group and the Anti-Defamation League to make the announcement.

Respect Solidarity and Kindness are the words that are plastered across the new campaigns posters, along with the information on what people should do if they need to report a hate crime.

The public awareness campaign ad will appear on over 7,000 screens throughout the subways, rails and buses to spread kindness and encourage action

The campaign is being put in place after there was almost a 50% increase in hate crimes on New York City Transit in 2019 from 2018. The most recent attack happening on Friday when a man and woman attacked a trans woman at a Manhattan subway station.



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