Mundi Plumarii: A Foundation that Provides Free Embroidered Patches

Mundi Plumarii: A Foundation that Provides Free Embroidered Patches

Mundi Plumarii is a Foundation that provides the best quality custom embroidered patches for free to NGOs and other non-profits organizations. An embroidered patch, also known as a cloth badge, is a piece of embroidery created using a fabric backing and thread. The organizations aims to appreciate the role played by these non-profit institutions in their way through the design and creation of patches and assorted embroidery for free.

We offer personalized logo embroideries on request. If you want custom embroidered patches all you have to do is send an email and attach a good picture of your logo. People choose custom patches because they are best to make a statement in front of your targeted audience.

Patches are now available in more exceptional quality with the help of computerized machines. You can apply for free or custom patches by following a simple procedure on our website page. We offer a wide range of products listed below.

Our Products:

  • Flag Patches
  • Logo Patches and Badges
  • Custom Sports Badges
  • Cartoon Patches
  • Insignia Patches
  • Other Personalized Custom Patches

The normal delivery time is 15 working days and we also provide samples. Our business is widespread across Europe and we will soon expand our services to other continents. When an order is received even for free that we provide to non-profit organizations we ship it for free within two weeks of the order. You can order by simply filling the Quotation form on our official site.

Mundi Plumarii Foundation never compromises on quality. Our client satisfaction rate is superb. The free patch service that we provide to non-profit organizations, its cost is covered by us and we also get donations from private individuals and good willing donors. We do not make any money from the products and services we provide.

The cost of making high-quality embroidered patches is not cheap and we welcome donations from anyone willing to donate. We accept payments through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Bank Transfer, and PayPal.

We just expect one thing from our beneficiaries to post a short thanks note on their websites (for example in the news section) reviews about products about the Foundation website. The above is necessary for the development of our business in the future, definitely makes it easier to find sponsors and government grants. You can also check samples of our work on our website.

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