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Mutual fund advisors share investment tips for 2019

Mutual fund advisors believe that 2019 is going to be a volatile year for equity mutual fund investors. General elections in India, Brexit, fear of a recession in the United States and many other international factors are going to be at play in this New Year. Mutual fund advisors are asking their clients to invest safely and follow these golden rules:

Babu Krishnamoortrhy, Chief Sherpa at Finsherpa Financial Advisors, Chennai:

Keep an eye on your portfolio but don’t switch from your schemes frequently. 2019 will be volatile but investors shouldn’t take actions on every bout of volatility. Review your portfolio right now and then continue with your mix. Stick to your percentage allocation and don’t stop your investments.

Vishal Dhawan, Founder, Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors, Mumbai:

I think investors should look at international funds this year. Allocation to international markets will help them when the markets in India go down. Having said this, I suggest investors to not allocate large portions to these funds. These schemes should be for diversification in your portfolio. Investors should look at their entire portfolio rather than just concentrating in equities.

Vivekh Pathak, Founder, Finance and You, Delhi:

2019 looks better placed than 2018 but it will be volatile. I will offer only one advice: don’t stop your SIPs. Continue investing in a systematic manner, that’s your best bet for equity investments in 2019. Elections are around the corner and we might see the market either going down drastically or going up for a while. In both the scenarios, investors should keep calm because the change will be temporary. Just sit back and continue investing.

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Ankur Maheshwari, CEO – Equirus Wealth, Mumbai:

I will suggest investors to stay true to their asset allocation. We saw markets correcting in 2018 which means your equity allocation must have gone down. Invest more in equities even when the market is volatile. This will get you back to your planned asset allocation. Don’t take tactical calls if you don’t want to take risk. Your asset allocation should be in line with your risk profile. Stick to the basics and you will be fine.


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