Mutual funds for a long-term investor

I need advice on mutual fund allocations. I am planning to invest Rs 30 lakh in the next few months. I am okay with moderate Risk or very high risk. I am looking to invest for a minimum of 10 years. Kindly suggest some funds.
–Narendra Singh

To begin with, take an online quiz to find out your risk appetite. Don’t be casual about it. There is a huge difference between taking moderate risk and making aggressive bets.

Two, figure out what is the goal you are planning to achieve with these investments. Have at least a rough idea.

You are keeping everything open-ended. We believe your decisions will be influenced by market conditions. When the market is in a bull phase many investors want to invest more and stay invested. When the market enters a tough phase, they want to stop or sell their investments. So, have a proper strategy.

You should invest your money every month in installments. It will help you to average your purchase cost and avoid buying at a particular level. Two, you may invest the money in a flexi cap fund. These funds have the flexibility to invest across market capitalisations and sectors. They are a good choice for new long-term investors in the market with moderate risk appetite.

Here are our recommended flexi cap schemes:
Best flexi cap funds


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