Why did you start Splend?

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since the early 2000s, having been involved with various e-commerce, music event and equipment hire businesses from a young age. During the early days of ridesharing in Australia it was clear this was a compelling way for people to earn an income, but that they faced a bunch of obstacles to make it work for them and not the other way round.

Prospective drivers struggled with a lot of pain points – access to (and affordability of) car finance plus all of the admin around insurance, servicing, maintenance and getting the right documents to be a rideshare driver. Once in a vehicle, for a lot of drivers, it’s also clear that ridesharing can be a really tough gig. They can’t access cutting-edge analytics to maximise the time they spend driving, and community support is almost non-existent.

So that’s why I started Splend – designed to help on-demand drivers thrive. With Splend they can earn more, improve their ratings, and enjoy their jobs.

Tell us more about the product?

At Splend we’re revolutionising the business model for on-demand drivers by offering vehicles-as-a-service. But, this doesn’t stop at simply providing eco-friendly and affordable vehicles on flexible plans with a weekly payment. 

Drivers benefit from the unique training, analytics and community provided by Splend, that empower them to become more profitable, safer, and fulfilled in their work. We also handle all of the necessary financing, insurance and maintenance, so that drivers can focus on earning an income and do what they do best, drive.

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Where are you at right now?

We’re now present in nine cities across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas and are expanding rapidly.

We’ve just relocated our HQ to London and opened a flagship support centre for the 90,000 private hire drivers working in London. 

The UK, which is home to over 250,000 ride-share drivers, is the ideal base for us to continue our global expansion, and we’re delighted to have a host of new talent join our executive team from the likes of Deliveroo, Addison Lee and Argos. 

What are your aims for the next year?

Ultimately, we want to be the global go-to provider of vehicles to those looking to make a career out of on-demand driving.

To achieve that, we’re laser-focused on expanding our community of members around the world, including in the UK where we will be launching in a number of new cities over the next few months. 

We’re also continuing to build our talented and passionate team across all locations and functions, looking for ambitious leaders who want to define the future – not just for on-demand driving, but for all of our members and each other.



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