We spoke to the team behind SupplyWell to find out about the company.

Why did you start SupplyWell?

SupplyWell was born out of Michael’s own experiences in education, he witnessed first hand the impact that the pressures within school environments has on teachers’ mental health and wellbeing. On top of this, huge amounts of money are being spent on recruitment to cover the increasing teacher absence.

1.3 million teaching days were lost over a four-year period due to mental health and stress-related illness, and as a direct result of this, latest figures state that £1.26 billion was spent on supply recruitment in 12 months in LEA schools in England alone.

Private agencies can take up to 50% of this in fees and this money leaves the education sector completely. Teachers are earning less than they should and schools are paying more.

SupplyWell reverses this. We’re a tech solution with a human focus. We work with our partner schools to drive down their recruitment spend whilst helping them to reduce staff absence and increase retention. We provide all their staff with wrap-around care to help them teach happy and stay in education.

Tell us more about the tech behind the product?

Our digital platform helps schools reduce staff absence, improve their retention and save money on their recruitment spend. We use a real-time, intelligent matching algorithm to make sure teachers and schools are the perfect match. We then use our unique prediction technology to make sure the right teachers are ready and prepared for when you need them.

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Where are you at right now?

We are working with a number of schools in the Liverpool City Region and our teacher base is growing daily. We’re also working closely with LJMU as well as one of our partners to develop our product with some game changing tech for the sector, which is very exciting.

What are your aims for the next year?

We have exciting growth plans which include expansion across the North and will be operating nationally by the end of 2020. As well as continuously developing our platform and being at the forefront of EdTech.



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