My target is to rejuvenate workers at the villages, work at providing solutions: Hardik Patel

ET: At 26, you are Working President of the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee. How do you feel?

Hardik Patel: The struggle was never about a position, it never is. The party has given a major responsibility and now I have to live up to it, struggle more. It is an opportunity to serve the people better but is also a big challenge. But, after the appointment, I am inundated with calls and messages from all across the country and it’s the trust of the people that gives me confidence and the strength.

What lies ahead for Hardik Patel?

Target is to visit 16000 villages across the state and meet all the workers who for one reason or the other have fallen silent in their homes and rejuvenate them. There are many senior workers who have been committed to the party ideology but have gone silent for some or the other reasons. I would want to reach out to each one of them and bring them out, listen and understand the issues; so that in 2022, we don’t come out as a party of just opposition, but of solution. We have qualified people in the party, who can provide pin pointed solutions to the everyday problems of people. We need to identify them and provide a viable alternative.

What have you been doing since Lok Sabha elections?

I have been a part of public life all along, may it be the issue of recruitment exams or farmers issues, I have raised my voice for every issue, stood by people. Also, I have been visiting villages and meeting people. Do remember we have 121 rural seats in the state and we intend to win 100 out of them.

Your appointment is expected to ruffle some feathers, particularly those of the senior leaders. How do you handle that?

I have spoken to all the seniors in the party, some have called me up on their own and each one has expressed their happiness and support. They want me to run, fight and give voice to the people. Ultimately we all want to see that the party is forming its government in Gujarat once again. For now, all I can tell you, its a great environment here.

With your appointment, is Patel factor back in the state politics in a big way?

As long as I was a community leader, I stood for the community, but now in politics, I stand for everyone. It is not about just Patidars, but everyone who have been suffering. I have been reaching out to people across communities and the love and affection that I get is from the people of Gujarat not just Patels. I work for everyone.


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