Nationalism, with their characteristics

China is such a strange place. Ever since a high-profile American lady in a power suit landed in Taipei and left as if Taiwan was now the 52st state of the Union between Canada and Mexico, the Chinese people have clambered over each other to show their nationalistic fervour. And, we’re not talking about the government raging against Nancy Pelosi, but its ‘peoples’.

Manifestations of patriotism include stomping on the US speaker’s pictures, setting up mock funerals for the lady who has insulted democracy with Chinese characteristics, calling her an ‘old witch’.

But most active have been citizens demanding that Beijing immediately unify the ‘rogue island’ that has had the gall to host a member of the American political establishment to visit Taiwan. Many netizens have even demanded that the unification be done militarily – without diplomatic niceties like ‘as a last resort’.

Xi Jinping’s Beijing, of course, values such spontaneous generation of patriotism – with Chinese characteristics – considering that he is getting ready to secure a historic third term as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and, therefore, Chinese president. With the People’s Democracy people raging to go and show ‘whose Taiwan it is anyway’, Beijing can always say, ‘It is the people’s mandate that we return Taiwan to China.’


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