Nearly-new buying guide: Hyundai i10 (2014-2019)

Tall people will be fine for head and leg room in the front, while rear passengers can stretch out (well, relatively speaking) in one of the roomiest city cars out there. The i10’s boot is a decent size, too, and you can chuck the seatbacks down almost flat if you ever need more capacity.

Just £3100 is the entry point for a 2014 1.0 SE, but budget between £4000 and £5000 and you’ll be able to pick up a good 2015 or 2016 car. There are lots more 1.0s at the lower end, while you’ll find a bigger selection of tidy 1.2 models in that middle price bracket. Anything above £6500 will net you a good 2018 car, often with low mileage.


A facelift in late 2016 changed the design of the front and rear bumpers and added a touchscreen to Premium SE models.

Make sure the air conditioning works; Hyundai uses a relatively environmentally friendly refrigerant gas in its cars that’s pricier and not widely available.

The latest What Car? Reliability Survey ranked the i10 an impressive fifth out of 25 in the city car and small car category.

Any i10 registered before 1 April 2017 falls under the previous road tax system, which exempts the SE Blue model. The 1.0 costs £20 per year, while manual 1.2s cost £30. Any car registered after then will incur the current £150 flat rate.


The priciest is the best, with excellent infotainment, heated seats and a heated wheel. Find one with the Driver Assist Pack for active safety gear

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Our pick: 1.2 PREMIUM SE

The 1.2 is no firecracker, but it’s decidedly more capable than the 1.0, with plenty of poke for town work and enough to spare for venturing further afield. Premium SE trim adds a touch of city car luxury.

Wild card: 1.0 SE BLUE

This is definitely tame rather than wild, but if you’re interested in squeezing the pennies, the 1.0 is the cheaper engine to buy and to run. Pair it with four-seat SE Blue spec for the best MPG figures.


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