Netent Launches all New Version of the Most Popular Slots Game Ever

Netent Launches all New Version of the Most Popular Slots Game Ever

The iGaming sector is one of the few industries to have truly thrived over the past 18 months. A combination of people with more time to kill and land-based casinos either temporarily closed or operating under restrictions has led to a sharp increase in demand for online games where gamblers can win real money. There are dozens of platforms out there and each has hundreds of slot games, but there are a handful of titles that are more popular than all the rest put together. 

Starburst is the game that consistently tops the rankings and has been the most popular online slot for almost a decade. With more people playing it than ever, the game’s creator, Netent has chosen now to consolidate its position by launching an all new version entitled Starburst XXXtreme. 

What Makes Starburst so Popular? 

Starburst launched in 2012, which is an age ago in the ever-changing world of gaming. Yet nine years on, it still attracts more players than any other game. Partially, that’s down to casino gamers being creatures of habit. They love routine, they follow a system and the serious ones want to play a game they know inside out.  

But that’s not all there is to it – after all, there are other slots that have been around even longer. The thing about Starburst is that it manages to combine relatively low volatility with some impressively large jackpots. This means it appeals to casual gamers who just want to wager £10 or £20 and appreciate the regular modest returns, but also to those with a larger bankroll who are ready to go all in for the big win. 

How is Starburst XXXtreme Different? 

Another reason for Starburst’s popularity is its simplicity. But that can be a turn-off to some players, as inevitably, it is also looking a little dated. With Starburst XXXtreme, Netent is clearly looking to attract those players who prefer a little more complexity in their slot gaming.  

The new version retains the 5×3 format of the original, but in a stunning 3-D layout that brings Starburst right into the 2020s. It also has the familiar Starburst Wilds that can trigger big rewards. But that’s where the similarities end.  

Starburst XXXtreme has, to quote Netent “a mountain of volatility,” meaning the jackpot is now 200,000 times your stake. That’s a life changing win, whatever your wager, and it could run to seven figures. That means the smaller payouts are less frequent – in fact, the hit rate is down to 20 percent, so eight spins out of 10 will bring you nothing at all.  

Only the Beginning 

Starburst XXXtreme looks like it is simply an update of the evergreen classic, but in fact, it is a different game aimed at a different player. Netent says this represents only the first of a series of new Starburst games, each of which will cater to specific demographics within the iGaming audience. It seems Starburst’s place at the top of the slots charts is safe for some time yet.  

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