Netflix is changing one of its most annoying features (Picture: Getty)

Netflix has *a lot* of stuff to watch.

All too often you may start a show with the best of intentions, but 20 minutes later decide it’s just not for you.

But even if you stop watching, it sticks around on your profile – right up there at the top thanks to the ‘Continue Watching’ row.

Well, not anymore.

Netflix has apparently heard the criticism loud and clear and decided to let users remove items from ‘Continue Watching’. Thank God.

But before you grab your TV remote and eagerly start Marie Kondo-ing your list, it appears to only be available on the Android phone app version of Netflix.

It’s being reported that the same option will be added to the iOS version on June 29.

So long, Space Force (Credits: Aaron Epstein/Netflix)

To remove a show (or movie) from the list, you can click on the title card and the option to ‘Remove From Row’ should appear at the bottom.

Click it and you need never be reminded again about the time you thought that Adam Sandler movie may just be alright after all.