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Neuer Capital – Has This Broker Made Crypto Trading Safe and Convenient?

Neuer Capital – Has This Broker Made Crypto Trading Safe and Convenient?

Neuer Capital Review

Your choice of broker is like the backbone of your trading career. It is your broker that provides you with a portal into the financial markets and gives you access to the best assets out there. At the same time, you don’t want to keep switching your brokers because that’s not convenient at all. For this reason, you want to make your first broker your last broker. But is that really possible this easily? Based on my experience, I can tell you that this journey is not going to be easy. If you start your research today, you won’t reach a conclusion for the next few months.

But you don’t have to spend that much time researching the best broker. If you are here, half of your worries should be gone already because I will tell you about a great broker. I will review Neuer Capital today for you so you know more about this broker. Once you know all about it, you will be in a good position to make our cryptocurrency trading decision. For me, I have found this broker to be safe and very trader-friendly in all respects. Now, I’ll tell you about it so you can find out what you feel about this broker.

Neuer Capital – Safe Crypto Trading

AML and KYC Policies

If you explore the website of this broker, you will realize that it has proper AML and KYC policies. If you don’t know about these policies already, let me help you with that. AML stands for anti-money laundering policy. On the other hand, KYC stands for Know Your Customer policy. Now, let me explain to you why these policies matter so much before you sign up with an online broker. Under the KYC policy, the broker is going to ask you for your personal and banking details before you sign up with because you are a customer and the broker is supposed to you know you better.

Why would the broker ask you for your personal details and banking information? Well, it is pretty clear that there are millions of people who want to sign up with online brokers every single day. Once you provide your personal information, you create your own unique identity in the records of the online brokers, especially the one you are signing up with. This unique identity allows your broker to recognize you. So, if someone else tries to use your identity to sign up with the broker, the broker knows it instantly and you are protected from identity theft.

In the case of AML policy, you have to know that money launderers are always looking for ways to protect their money safely. They can’t hide their black money in their country’s banks so they look for online options. They might pick online brokers and their platforms for storing their money. Some online platforms do not require a lot of information from their traders so these money launderers sign up with them conveniently. However, as a trader with Neuer Capital, you can rest assured that when the broker asks for proper banking and identification information, the money launderer already feels discouraged.

In addition to that, the broker follows the KYC policies and any money laundering activities are instantly reported to the concerned departments. Now you know why Neuer Capital has both these policies in place. The broker is operating ethically and providing its traders with a safe and clean online trading platform. These are only two of the many things that leave a great impression of Neuer Capital on my mind.

Convenient Deposits and Withdrawals

The broker has also made sure that you deposit your money and withdraw it with ease. You will not face ay unnecessary services charges and fees when it comes to depositing funds in your own trading account with the broker. That’s an important piece of information that you have to keep in mind because that’s not going to happen with every broker. Some brokers will require you to pay a lot of different fees and charges when you deposit funds and withdraw them. At the same time, they have some huge requirements associated with your minimum withdrawals.

However, in the case of Neuer Capital, I love the fact that the broker has not put any limitations on the amount of money that I can pull out of my account. Sometimes, when I need a very small amount of money, I access my online trading account and withdraw it with ease. At the same time, I am glad that the broker has provided me with the option of making a small deposit into my account too. I don’t have to deposit thousands of dollars at once if I don’t want to. I can just deposit a minimum of $250 in my account at any given moment.

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Here is something more that you should know about the broker’s deposits and withdrawals. You will be able to use some easy methods for funding your account. At the moment, you can use a bank wire transfer option if you want to make things safer than ever. This option might not be the fastest out there, but you can trust it a lot. Furthermore, you have the option of using your credit card as well. The credit card option is perfect for those who want to transfer money into their accounts instantly. You can use all the major credit card companies for funding your account through credit cards.

Training Courses

Trading is not safe unless you fully know about it. It does not matter how safe the trading platform is from the broker, if you don’t know what trading is about, you cannot make money. For this reason, you will notice that all online brokers provide some education to their traders before they sign up. In fact, you can even use a demo account to use dummy funds to trade in the online markets. This will give you a hang of everything i.e. how trading works, how the prices go up and down, how to place orders, etc. I can tell you with surety that the training material compiled by Neuer Capital is extremely detailed.

So, when you are a new trader, you want to start with the basics, and that’s exactly what you will get. There are some courses that are only meant to tell you the introduction of trading. They will explain to you how trading works and how you can place your order. In addition to that, you will have a course dedicated to learning the trading platform so you don’t make any mistakes when you start. After that, you have the in-depth courses explaining to you everything about trading. These courses will teach you some in-depth trading strategies so you can trade confidently in the market.

If you are thinking how you will be trained then let me tell you that you can decide the way you want to learn. The broker has provided you with live feeds and even ebooks through which you can learn. You can learn at a pace that suits your lifestyle. I am most impressed by the professional level webinars that the broker has included with every account. It does not matter whether you have been trading for decades or it is your first time trading, you will be able to attend webinars where you will hear professionals talk about trading. Ask them questions and learn the way you have never learned before.

Signals and Analytical Information

Once you visit this section of the website from the broker, you will admit that there is no other broker with anything like it. I have to tell you at this point that trading requires a lot of help in many forms. You can get this help from third parties as well, but then you have to spend extra money. On the other hand, your broker is able to provide you with all the tools and indicators without charging you anything extra. That’s what this broker is doing best. Neuer Capital has provided you with signals on all the assets that you can trade with it and even with other brokers.

You will be surprised to know that Neuer Capital is all about letting you trade cryptocurrencies, but it has signals for forex currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and many other assets on the website. In addition to that, you are going to learn about the various analytical methods that the broker has explained beautifully on its website. This was the section that surprised me the most when I looked at it. You don’t usually get this much information from online brokers about the analytical methods. So, whether you are someone who prefers the fundamental analysis or technical analysis, you will learn them both here.

The Asset Index

If you are considering a career in trading cryptocurrencies, you have to make sure that you think about going beyond Bitcoin. I have been to many online brokers’ websites, and I have to tell you that some of them are limiting you. I have seen a lot of online brokers that provide you with a trading platform for nothing more than Bitcoin trading. Okay, I agree that there is no other cryptocurrency that even comes close to Bitcoin when you talk about the value and price. However, if you look at the scopes of cryptocurrencies before you invest in them, you have to consider others as well.

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I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to find a broker that allowed me trade many different types of cryptocurrencies. I want to make one thing clear here. It is completely wrong when people think that trading in just one market limits you with your choices. It all depends on the broker that you have signed up with. Some brokers will give you access to many financial markets, but still they will not offer you many assets for trading. On the other hand, some brokers are like Neuer Capital, they give you access to only one market but still bring you the best assets at your fingertips.

So, when you sign up with Neuer Capital, you will have access to only one market, and that’s the cryptocurrency market. Do you think you will be limited to trading Bitcoin only? That’s not going to be the case with Neuer Capital. This broker will give you access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. You can trade the cryptocurrencies against the best fiat currencies of the world when you sign up with Neuer Capital. The best thing is that you will be trading them in the form of CFDs, which means you will never have to worry about storing the digital coins that you are trading on the platform.

Great Customer Service  

The customer service you get from the broker you sign up can make or break the deal. It does not matter how many amazing features the broker is offering you on its trading platform when you are getting subpar customer support. Yes, the trading platform might be easy to use. If you have been trading for some time, a few things might appear straightforward to you. However, I can tell you with surety that there will always be something that’s going to cause trouble when you are trading online. It could be anything from the delay in the trading platform to some problem with your online account.

So, when you face such issues, you need someone from the broker’s side to help you. There is a detailed FAQs page on the website, which will provide you answers to all the most commonly asked questions that traders usually have. However, if you have an issue that has not been answered in the FAQs, you can go for the email address given right on the website. You can send a detailed email on this email address and wait for the response to arrive to you within 24 hours. You also have a phone number that you can call to get answers to your questions and have your issues resolved.

I am proud to tell you here that the customer service agents from Neuer Capital are some of the most professional agents that I have had the chance to speak to. You can talk to them even before you sign up with the broker because the number is there right on the website. Another important thing that this broker has nailed professionally is that its customer support is available 24/6. Yes, you have the agents resolving your issues 24 hours a day and six days a week.

Data Encryption

Do you know your data is exposed to the world when you provide it on any website without protection? It is not really that difficult to steal someone’s information when they are not using any protective shields. You have to be extremely careful with providing your information when you sign up on websites that require you to submit personal data. Now, whenever you sign up with a legitimate online broker, you will always have to provide it with your personal details, identification numbers, banking documents, and the pictures of all of these documents that I have stated.

Would you want to send the images of your personal documents on the internet lines without any protection? Of course, that would be a huge mistake, but many new traders make that mistake when they sign up with an online broker without proper research. However, you will not have to do any additional research here because I am here to help. I am telling you right now that the website of this broker is properly protected through the installation of SSL certificates. All the information that you provide this broker with is protected through encryption, which is the most sophisticated way of protecting your information on the internet today.

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You will also be glad to know that there are several different protocols of encrypting information on the internet with different levels. Neuer Capital is using the latest standards to make sure that your information is protected from even the most sophisticated attacks on the internet. You can feel safe when you are signing up with this broker and providing your personal details and banking information.

The Crypto Glossary

There is this mistake that I have seen a lot of online brokers making. You see, when you sign up with them, they all promise to provide you with some high quality education. However, the biggest issue that you will face, which I also faced, is that you will not understand half of the things they are telling in you in ebooks and videos. Why is that? Why would you not understand things? Well, that’s because they will be explaining the concepts to you without realizing that you are not even familiar with the most basic definitions and terminologies of the industry. One must not forget that the cryptocurrency industry is the newest one out there when you compare it with other conventional markets like forex and stocks.

What online brokers have to do is to realize that many traders that sign up with them are first time traders. These first timers do not even know the most basic concepts, words, and definitions that are a commonplace thing in the cryptocurrency world. Before diving into any advanced concepts, the brokers should do something about explaining the basic concepts to the traders. That’s where I think Neuer Capital is one of the rarest brokers that have been able to understand their target audiences really well. The broker has provided you with a glossary of terms right on the website.

That’s right! You will not have to sign up with the broker or open an account just to look at the glossary of terms that teaches you all the terms and words that are commonly used in cryptocurrency trading. The definitions are pretty clear and I also like the fact that it is pretty detailed. Despite being associated with this industry for some time, there were quite a few words that I was able to learn from this glossary myself.

Account Manager Help with Easy Initial Deposits

Believe it or not, you couldn’t sign up with all the online cryptocurrency brokers even if you wanted to. The reason is that there are many brokers who have some seriously difficult requirements before you sign up with them. As a trader who is trading for the first time, the biggest issue that you can face is related to the finances. If you don’t have enough money to sign up with a broker, you simply cannot start your trading career. And that’s what happens with brokers who require you to spend a lot of money right when you start with them. So, even their basic accounts require a huge first deposit from you, which is something I don’t appreciate.

I think every broker on the internet should think like Neuer Capital in this particular case. This broker has made it easy for you to sign up with all six of its accounts. If you are someone who is trying trading for the first time, I recommend that you go with the basic account. Yes, that’s the name of the account i.e. basic. You can start trading with this account by depositing only a small amount of $1000 in your account. Even the bronze account is in your reach without any issues if you can deposit only $10,000. In addition to that, right from the bronze account, you start getting the account manager option. It means there is always someone who can help you with your account and give you direction with your trades.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are thinking about a stable career in cryptocurrency trading, it don’t think there is anything better than trading online. When you trade cryptocurrencies in the form of CFDs, you gain a lot of benefits that are not available with conventional trading. And when there is a platform as safe and high-tech as the one provided by Neuer Capital, I don’t think you should look elsewhere.

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