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Neufund’s Security Token Issuance To Use Blocktrade.com Coin Trading Platform

Neufund's Security Token Issuance To Use Blocktrade.com Coin Trading Platform

Neufund is a blockchain based equity fundraising platform operating on the Ethereum blockchain. According to their website their key expertise lies in legal-tech and reg-tech. Their protocols look to focus on ownership and allows a tangible representation of real-world assets on the blockchain.

All this is done via the use of legally-binding security tokens. This will allow, for example companies to tokenize their equity and offer them on secondary markets. The gateway to the said secondary markets has been strengthened by a tie up with Blocktrade.com, announced on the 27th of September.

In recent comments made by Zoe Adamovicz, CEO and Co-founder at Neufund, she said,

“We are really happy to work with Blocktrade.com. We both share the common goal of bringing much-needed liquidity to tokenized real-world assets, including private equity. Tokenizing securities is one, enabling their secondary trading is a whole different story. Neufund is the first tokenization protocol and primary market for securities, that establishes a secondary market partnership with trading facilities such as Binance, BitBay, Malta Stock Exchange and now Blocktrade.com.”

For the uninitiated, Blocktrade.com, is a trading facility, from Liechtenstein, for Crypto Assets, Crypto Traded Indices, and other blockchain related financial Instruments. They are known for their other primary market partnership with the likes of Polymath and Securitize.

Asked about this in an interview, Luka Gubo, CEO of Blocktrade.com discussed his take on this development, he noted,

“I personally look forward to working closely with Neufund, with the common goal of transforming how financial markets work. Building a whole ecosystem for the tokenization of assets is a major step toward the future of financial markets. We are especially impressed with Neufund’s approach to fully regulated equity token issuance, and the services they provide to issuers all while having a great team.”

Neufund will look at Blocktrade.com to enable them access to a secondary market for security tokens. This will allow easy synergy of blockchain-based investment assets into existing financial markets.

Neufund is reported to be getting ready to host its first Security Token Offering. This will be initially on its primary market and later on secondary market partners of Neufund.


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