New Age, New Decade, New Business Concepts

New Age, New Decade, New Business Concepts

The 2020s are moving along and many new kinds of businesses are sprouting up. Most are related to the information and computer revolution in one way or another. Others are twists on old templates. Whatever they are or appear to be, they offer entrepreneurs plenty of opportunity. You need not have an advanced degree or deep pockets to start a new age company. All you need is a tech-friendly attitude and perseverance. Here are some of the newest of the new business models to attract attention from media and academic sources.

Online Dating Consultant

Now that the majority of social connections take place online, there’s a new social need. As a dating consultant, you show active single people how to effectively screen potential mates, how not to pay too much for club memberships, how to follow proper etiquette rules when meeting and interacting with others online, and how to protect themselves from scammers and dangerous people.

MMJ Consultant

The new legal landscape in the cannabis industry has created job opportunities for professionals and amateurs alike. Whether you want to sell growing equipment as a wholesaler, run your own farm, advise growing about marketing, or create websites for sellers, there’s a place for you. Some entrepreneurial minds have carved out a niche in the information part of the industry.

It’s possible to for just about anyone to research the risks associated with marijuana and cancer. Using online medical, scientific, and academic portals, some new entrants into this vibrant market dig for reports, studies, and white papers. Then, they fold all the key concepts into short e-books and sell them to industry professionals, consumers, and anyone interested in the topic. It’s possible for virtually anyone to research questions like, “what are the best kinds of cannabis if I’m in cancer therapy?”, or “how can I find the ideal strain of cannabis for me?”.

Computer Tutor

For better or worse, there are plenty of people who feel left behind by the computer age. Some are slightly tech-phobic while others never got the chance to learn any but the most basic of computer skills in high school. If they took non-tech jobs, their knowledge lagged and now they feel left out. If you have sharp computer skills and can teach others how to gain competence in the realm of all things technological, you can build a successful career as a tutor. At first, most of your clients will be older folks who never had basic classes and who know nothing more than how to send an email or browse the internet. Later, you’ll be able to add younger people to your customer base and teach them advanced techniques like website building and basic coding.

Telecommuting Coach

Since the COVID pandemic, huge numbers of people have moved to home-based jobs. Many are working for the same companies, but they are completely new to the concept of working full-time from their homes. Telecommuting coaches show working adults how to set up green screens, eliminate distractions, create a comfortable and ergonomic work zone, and take frequent enough breaks to ease into constant on screen work.

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