New Bishop Elementary welcomes students – Englewood Herald

William Bishop wanted Englewood students to be all they could be, according to his son, Ned Bishop. Bishop served as superintendent for Englewood Schools from 1954 up until his death in 1968, and he oversaw the building of North School in 1956 that would later be renamed Bishop Elementary School in 1972.

He worked hard to make sure Englewood Schools was in its own class in the educational field, and he would have been proud to see what the new Bishop Elementary building looks like, Ned said.

Englewood residents gathered at the new Bishop Elementary at 3100 S. Elati St. on Jan. 7 to see the school’s new building. The $19 million building is complete and is the last of five new buildings in Englewood Schools to be completed. Students started class in the new building on Jan. 8.

“(Bishop) would be elated, but more than anything, (he would be excited to see) the change that we see in the community from when he first came to Englewood and what it is today. He was always considered a man of the people, and this would be something that would make him excited,” said Ned. “He would celebrate the new things that are going to be offered to these kids.”

The new Bishop Elementary is designed for its diverse population of 211 K-6 students with signage around the building in English, Spanish and Arabic. The building houses 16 classrooms; an art room; music room; gym; science, technology, engineering and mathematics lab; maker space; and learning commons.

“It is truly a building that was designed to meet the needs of our current students and the students of the future. This building is here to be and last to support future learners,” said Shanna Martin, principal for Bishop Elementary. “You’ll see when you go inside that this building was designed to support our community and school events. You’ll notice a central feel when you first walk right in.”

In 2016, Englewood voters passed a $97.5 million bond to pave the way for the new Bishop Elementary. Charles Hay World School, Cherrelyn Elementary, Clayton Elementary and Maddox Early Childhood Education Center also received new buildings, thanks to the bond.

“I think having an updated learning facility for a place where (students) can grow and get used to is important,” said Joe Templeton, who has three children who attend Bishop Elementary.


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