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New Business Banking App for UK Small Business Owners and Freelancers

New Business Banking App for UK Small Business Owners and Freelancers

Amaiz is a fintech company whose focus is to provide financial services for up and coming business owners and freelancers in the UK. The Amaiz business bank new app has revolutionised how people manage their finances. By bringing in unbelievable convenience, the app offers its users functions like cash flow charts, in-app invoicing, card expenses categorisation for self-assessment, instant notifications and a team of accountants to help you better manage your finances, solve specialised issues, and focus on your dreams.

With this app, you have all the functions of your normal bank at your fingertips. Wherever you go, whatever time it is, you can trust this new business banking app to be your all-time solution for all matters, business banking and financial management.

A Closer Look at the App Functions

The main goal of this cool mobile app is to be a one stop shop solution for the banking needs of sole traders, startups, freelancers, medium-sized businesses and limited companies.

It is never a good idea to use a personal account for your business needs. However, most traders are forced to do so owing to the lack of options, stringent fees on banking accounts or generally a lack of knowledge why they need a separate business account for all your business needs.

There are a couple of reasons why a personal account won’t cut it for a serious business owner. For starters, you will have to manually keep track of and maintain financial records as a requirement for tax compliance checks. You also have to invest hours or even days into managing your cash flow.

Thanks to this new banking app, you no longer have to choose. Here, you can run all your business finance operations with ease at the comfort of your office, an aeroplane, your couch at home or other places. The convenience and perks that come with using this mobile application are all specially designed to offer your growing business adequate support to see it soar.  

Here’s a closer look at what you stand to enjoy by joining this new business banking app bandwagon.

  • In-App Invoicing

Occasionally, you will need to prepare a simple invoice in order to process payments. With this new app, you have access to customisable templates to draft unique and functional invoices. You can also use this feature to monitor the status of your finances.

  • Financial Health Overview

It saves you a lot of trouble to receive regular updates, charts and statements showing how your money is coming in, what you are spending it on among other financial trends. With financial health overviews, you get insight into how much money you have in your account, how you spend it, and so much more.

This way, you can make the necessary changes or adjustments to ensure financial health for your business.

  • Unlimited Access Services

With a normal bank account, you would either have to conduct your business banking and transactions during office hours or wait until the next day. With this new app, you need not worry about what time it is or where you are, should you need to access your account or make deposits or transfers.

What’s more, if you suspect questionable activity or you lose your direct debit card, you can use the direct debit management feature to freeze your card. Use the same feature to unfreeze your card if everything checks out.

  • Accountancy Support

With the backing of several trained and knowledgeable accountants, you can rest assured that you’ll have professional, round the clock support. Have any questions regarding bookkeeping? Why don’t you engage one of our qualified accountants through the app to receive the help you are seeking?

  • 24/7 Customer Care

A customer care team is ever available to answer your questions, explain issues and provide general and detailed information whenever you make contact. The customer care reps are available every day throughout the year. Contact them either via phone call, email or in-app chat.

  • Enhanced Security

The number one factor that separates this new business banking app from others is the sheer effort it has put in place to ensure your money and confidential information is always safe. Here, you have features like card freezing and voice authentication.

These give you control over who gets to use your card and makes sure that client and business details remain private. Even more, with enhanced security features, your money is always safe.

Who this new business banking app is for

If you are a solo entrepreneur, a self-employed artist, trader, contractor or other individuals in need of a reliable banking application, then this app is designed with you in mind.

Running a business is hard enough. Having to invest even more time and effort into money management is completely draining. Without the right tools, your entire life as a business owner or freelancer would revolve around your business. Business banking apps bring a level of freedom that makes managing your finances and business operations easy and fun.

The grand idea to launch this new banking app came about owing to the lack of financial tools and facilities targeted solely at SME’s. Its goal is to, therefore, save you the time it would take to compile all the paperwork characteristic of managing a growing business.

Finally, you can now focus on chasing your dreams, maintaining a balanced lifestyle with family and friends in addition to your business. With so much free time, you don’t have to worry about late payments or compiling the necessary paperwork in readiness for tax season. The reminders and frequent reports do all the work for you.

Bottom line

The above-mentioned core features mean that you can finally bid good riddance to manual paperwork and say hello to fast, efficient and secure banking.

This new business banking app is only available to small business owners and freelancers in the UK alone. Want to get a taste of how great this new app is? Sign up and get your free trial. If you are happy with the value the app brings into your business, you are free to upgrade and pay a flat monthly rate of £9.99. Here, there are no hidden charges, no surprise price changes or commissions on cash withdrawals and transactions. What you see is what you get.

Most business owners are looking for something reliable, valuable and transparent. That’s exactly what this new business banking app can guarantee you.

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