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Dozens gathered for a ribbon cutting for Quad State Internet

PADUCAH — There’s new competition for internet providers in the area — good news for you. And 20 to 25 new jobs by 2022  — good news for the economy.

Quad State Internet is the first internet service provider in Paducah to offer fiber to the home.

That means it uses fiber optic cable to deliver internet connection from a central base location.

Dozens gathered today to celebrate a new internet provider in Paducah.

It started as three separate companies that joined in partnership. 

“So we came together, basically created our own internet, our own system, and then decided why don’t we expand that system to other people,” said Brandon Moss, the director of business development for Quad State Internet.

It’s called Quad State Internet, and the company hopes to change the way people in the area get connected.

Quad State is a local company, so if you were to use its services, it wouldn’t be based out of places like Atlanta, Chicago, or Nashville. 

“Whenever you’re buying Quad State internet, because our internet exchange point is right here, the internet actually starts right here out of Paducah,” said Preston Louis Ursini, the director of network operations with Quad State Internet. “So rather than buying internet that’s 300 miles away, you’re buying it right here.”

Quad State Internet is the first internet service provider in Paducah to offer fiber to the home

Quad State hopes to change IT internet infrastructure in the area too — and “bring it to the modern world.”

Local business leaders say that it’s encouraging for Quad State to make a presence.

“So as we draw more people here and as certainly as we continue to bring more jobs to the community, there will be even an increased demand for internet and fiber connectivity,” said Bruce Wilcox, the president and CEO of Greater Paducah Economic Development. 

And with more people comes a greater need for connecting with others.

Internet service is locally distributed through Quad State Internet

Leaders say prices would be around $35 a month for internet.

Quad State is also putting together plans to present to the city about fiber internet in low socioeconomic areas in Paducah. 

The company’s website says it is also available for service in Calloway County, LaCenter, Lone Oak, Grand Rivers, Webster, Morganfield and Calvert City. 

Click here to view the company’s website


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