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A new Microsoft Edge browsing mode will ensure the privacy and security of its users. This additional protection from the software giant is essential, especially since new security threats involving browsers appear.  

New Microsoft Edge Browsing Mode Prioritizes User Privacy, Security—Offering Protecting Against Zero-Day Exploits

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What makes this new feature of the popular browser is it offers Windows exploit mitigation technologies specifically created to prevent zero-day attacks on the web.  

“A browsing mode in Microsoft Edge where the security of your browser takes priority, giving you an extra layer of protection when browsing the web,” explained Microsoft via its official Edge Beta Channel blog post

Microsoft Edge’s New Browsing Mode

According to ZDNet‘s latest report, the new Edge browsing mode is a part of the browser’s beta version. Microsoft explained that the new feature could allow administrators to have more options against web-based attacks. 

New Microsoft Edge Browsing Mode Prioritizes User Privacy, Security—Offering Protecting Against Zero-Day Exploits

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According to the figures of the platform of the fight against cybercrime (PLCC) of the national police, nearly one hundred crooks of the internet, were arrested in 2018 in Ivory Coast, a country known for its scammers on the web, has announced on April 2, 2019 the Ivorian authority of regulation of the telephony. (Photo by ISSOUF SANOGO / AFP)

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They can use this to mitigate unforeseen active zero-days lurking on the users’ desktop browsers. On the other hand, the tech firm also clarified that the new Edge browsing mode could be configured, allowing essential line-of-business applications and websites to work without getting interrupted. Aside from this, the new security feature also includes some advanced exploit mitigation technologies. 

These include Control Flow Guard, Hardware-Enforced Stack Protection, and Arbitrary Code Guard.  

Windows Exploit Mitigation’s Details

Microsoft Edge browsing mode’s new Windows mitigation features are unique from each other. For example, ACG allows admins to ensure only properly signed code can be mapped into the memory of the computer or laptop. 

This will prevent web attacks from launching malicious codes. On the other hand, CFG is one of Microsoft’s key motivations to launch the recent Edge Super Duper Secure Mode. 

Right now, the software giant is still enhancing its popular Edge browser. Although it still has a long way to go to become the most secured browsing tool, you can expect more enhancements from Microsoft. 

In other news, Microsoft warns about a new malware that can delete user files. Meanwhile, Microsoft consumers are also at risk of fake ransomware, spreading data-wiping malware. 

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