New York will not appeal against T-Mobile’s $59bn takeover of Sprint, New York attorney general Letitia James said in a statement on Sunday.

“New York has decided not to move forward with an appeal in this case,” Ms James said. “Instead, we hope to work with all the parties to ensure that consumers get the best pricing and service possible, that networks are built out throughout our state, and that good-paying jobs are created here in New York.”

More than a dozen US states sued to stop the merger and failed when a judge ruled against them this week.

Judge Victor Marrero, who oversaw the challenge to the deal brought by the group of Democratic-led states, ruled decisively for the companies in a 173-page opinion on Tuesday that placed significant weight on testimony by company executives.

The federal judge said he had been unpersuaded by the states’ arguments that T-Mobile would act anti-competitively following the merger, predicting the combined company would be “chomping to take on its new market peers and rivals in head-on competition”.

“The proposed merger would allow the merged company to continue T-Mobile’s undeniably successful business strategy for the foreseeable future,” Mr Marrero wrote.

Ms James said she was gratified that the process has “yielded commitments” from T-Mobile to create jobs in Rochester and engage in robust national diversity initiatives that will connect its communities with good jobs and technology.


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